Ta-Ku / Pavel Dovgal: Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Vol. 1 (LP, 12 Inch, Digital)

Project: Mooncircle & Finest Ego have teamed up to establish a fresh new 12” producer series, entitled “Faces”. On every edition, you will find two different producers. Respectively, each producer will have their own record-side and unique cover artwork by the aspiring LNY, known for his surrealistic portraits, blending humans and animals.

The very first installment of the “Faces” series will feature the two prolific beathsmiths Pavel Dovgal & Ta-Ku. Coming from backgrounds which could not possibly be any more different – Ta-Ku has Philippine roots and grew up in Australia while Pavel was born in Russia and moved to Ukraine at young age – these two artists share a common connection through their relentless work-ethic and individualistic creative approach to making music. They have been fighting for international recognition with their extravagant beats, just like the Megasoma & Hercules beetles fight for female recognition with their extravagant horns.

Limited 12” vinyl for serious collectors, DJ’s and record addicts only!

Artist biographies:

Pavel Dovgal was born in Vladivostok, Russia and moved to Ukraine at quite a young age, where he realized that his true calling was music. His music is experimental, surprising, and daring and his talent and hard work have brought him local musical success. (The release in 2010 of his first solo album on Project Mooncircle turned this local success into international recognition.) Pavel’s music is a trip into a fable and his medium is the music of different genres: Hip Hop, Dubstep, Glitch, Wonky and Downbeat, used to form pictures. His work is free spirited and there are hints of feelings, allusions, enigma and mystery. We won’t get into the inner workings of his music, how it finds its way into the hearts and souls of the audience, the important thing is that it serves its purpose.

Recent Redbull Academy participant, Reggie ‘Ta-ku’ Mathews, has gone from strength to strength and has released a plethora of beat tapes and with releases set to drop in 2011, this future beat maker has a lot more coming and many more releases to unleash.

LNY is an artist living and working between New Jersey and New York. He makes art that is drawing based, social and open to the public in general; hence his drawings can be found pasted on buildings all over the world as well as in galleries and on 16-year-old kids’ tumblrs all over the internet. He is one half of Doodledrag, a New Jersey based doodling collective and always welcomes collaboration.


Original Paintings by LNY. Design by Gordon. A&R: Malte Tarnow & Gordon Gieseking. Mastered by Sven Friederichs.

Excerpts of press or air play outcomes:
BBC Radio 1 – Gilles Peterson Sunday, January 18, 2012 #651 with the song Kiss Purple (Krts Remix)LISTEN. Dubmission (WYEP Pittsburgh) Sunday, June 12, 2011 #651 with the song FaustLISTEN. BLN.FM / Finest EgoJune 8, 2011 hosted by Jinna Morocha & Gordon Gieseking with the song Ink DropperLISTEN. ‎DONKY PITCH X Hivemind Vol 9June 13, 2011 hosted by Slugabed with the song BuildLISTEN. Audio TextureJune 17, 2011 hosted by James Barrie with the song Guinea, ConfessionsLISTEN. Groove MerchantsJune 25, 2011 hosted by Valentin Menedetter with the song Something LessLISTEN. Top 10August 14th, 2012 interview/featureLISTEN. hhv.de Mag July 20th, 2011 review READ.

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A01Ink DropperTa-Ku
A04Confessions Featuring John RobinsonTa-Ku
B01FaustPavel Dovgal
B02GuineaPavel Dovgal
B03Kiss PurplePavel Dovgal
B04Something Less Featuring Katherine OfliyanPavel Dovgal

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Title: Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Vol. 1
Artist: Ta-Ku / Pavel Dovgal
ID: PMC086
Format: LP, 12 Inch, Digital
Date: 29. July 2011


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