Joe Kickass: The Average Joe (LP, Gold 12 Inch, Digital)

After the success of his previous releases, Amsterdam based Joe Kickass sets out to create a worthy follow-up to his ‘Mind Joe’ legacy. It’s been a long time coming but now his second full length album, ‘The Average Joe’ is finally here. Named in celebration of the millions of unique stories that make every individual the person they are, this record gives a little more insight into the man behind the mic. The past years leading up to this release have been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride, with a lot of things happening in Joe’s personal as well as artistic life. All of the different resulting emotions and contemplations are reflected in the diversity and maturity of his sophomore LP.

Besides crafting his own beats, Joe enlisted a small army of talented musicians to contribute to this album. From the nu-soul sounds and vocals of Sacha Vee, via the dusty warmth of Vinyl Frontiers to the boombap vibes of Polish veterans O.S.T.R. and DJ Haem, just to name a few of the influences and collaborators on ‘The Average Joe’. In addition, with trustworthy partners in crime Killing Skills as the executives, every track is produced into perfection. With this second LP, released on gold colored vinyl, Joe is taking Project: Mooncircle back to it’s legendary hip hop roots. The Average Joe kicks ass, indeed.

Mastered by Sven Friederichs. Artwork by Joe Kickass & Erjee. A&R: Gordon Gieseking & Aine Devaney.

You can order the ltd. golden vinyl version at – EU | Rush Hour – EU | UGHH.COM – US | Kudos Records – UK | RedEye Records – UK | Crosstalk Int. – US | DEEP – HU more soon.

Digital download at Bandcamp | Itunes | Juno | Amazon | Boomkat | Digital Tunes | Wasabeat more soon.

Excerpts of press or air play outcomes:
OK-Tho February 8th, 2014 feature with the song SwitchLISTEN. PUNA January 28th, 2014 feature with the song Reach The TopLISTEN. Sound Colour Vibration February 19th, 2014 feature READ. Basic Soul Radio February 24th, 2014 feature with the song SwitchLISTEN. February 27th, 2014 feature with the song SwitchLISTEN. Audio Texture February 24th, 2014 feature with the song The Average JoeLISTEN. 3Voor12 March 7th, 2014 album stream LISTEN. The Find Magazine March 9th, 2014 feature READ. HIPHOP IN JE SMOEL March 9th, 2014 album review READ. ILL SOCIETY March 18th, 2014 album review READ. MDR | Sputnik March 24th, 2014 album feature LISTEN. HipHop 360 (China) March 17th, 2014 album feature LISTEN. U Call That Love March 16th, 2014 album feature READ. Young Fidelity (JP) April 30th, 2014 feature READ.


01.Reach The TopProduced by Loscobeat & Killing Skills
02.SwitchProduced by Vinyl Frontiers & Killing Skills
03.Make A MoveProduced by Joe Grimey & Killing Skills
04.Superhero StuffProduced by Chef Red & Killing Skills
05.Crossfader Ft. Sacha VeeProduced by Joe Kickass & Killing Skills
06.Feel AlrightProduced by Killing Skills
07.Just So You KnowProduced by Chef Red & Killing Skills
08.The Right MelodyProduced by Killing Skills, Erjee & Sacha Vee
09.GardenerProduced by Bathtub Piracy
10.SplowgProduced by Joe Kickass
11.Shadow Knows Ft. Sacha VeeProduced by Killing Skills, Joe Kickass & Erjee
12.The Big BangProduced by Chef Red & Killing Skills
13.Hey Joe Ft. DJ HaemProduced by O.S.T.R.
14.Holding On Ft. Sacha VeeProduced by Vinyl Frontiers & Killing Skills
15.The Average JoeProduced by Moods

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Title: The Average Joe
Artist: Joe Kickass
ID: PMC128
Format: LP, Gold 12 Inch, Digital
Date: 07. March 2014