Sweatson Klank: You, Me, Temporary (3LP, 12 Inch, Digital)

From its opening notes ‘You, Me, Temporary’ announces itself as music from the soul reaching for the soul. The album recounts a modern day love story through the musical eyes of its protagonist, Sweatson Klank. It’s a story of love in the fast lane that touches on the good – innocence, romance, lust, sex – and the bad – drugs, debauchery, loss of self, despair – before closing with the peaceful beauty that comes with total acceptance of what is. ‘You, Me, Temporary’ is Sweatson Klank’s third full-length album in 10 years, and it shows just how extensive the Los Angeles native’s artistic growth has been. The music tight ropes between electronic, hip hop and futuristic R&B, sidestepping obvious boxes while finding its own effortlessly. ‘You, Me, Temporary’ transcends genres, balancing the vulnerable and sensual with the rough and jagged. The album has an emotive and sometimes pressing quality, in direct opposition to today’s disposable music mania. The hypnotic interplay of chords, melodies and rhythms draws you in and is equally effective in headphones as it is on the dancefloor. The warmth of analogue equipment flirts with expert sampling and chops that evoke the playful soul of ‘90s R&B and the heartfelt angst of classic hip hop while remaining forward thinking.

A wide cast of vocal guests help recount the different tales and stages of this story: Vikter Duplaix, Ango, Selfsays, Doc Illingsworth, Deniro Farrar, Anna Wise of Sonnymoon and Pat Parra. Upbeat and energetic songs sit next to hypnotic ballads, the sort most conducive to ‘baby making’ you might even say. The music is often elating, sexy and at times dreamy but also progresses to show melancholy and despondency in the sincerest way. Sometimes playful, sometimes serious the vocal tracks add a human dimension to the story that ‘You, Me, Temporary’ tells, completing its message and taking the album to that proverbial next level.

With this third album Sweatson Klank puts aside self-indulgence for simple honesty and the maturity that only comes with being a seasoned artist. ‘You, Me, Temporary’ tells a timeless story in a compelling way, and while its title hints at the trials and tribulations behind relationships, the overt concept lies in the impermanence of everything around us.

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Excerpts of press or air play outcomes:
Pitchfork March 5th, 2013 exclusive stream with the song Waiting Featuring Vikter DuplaixLISTEN. The Fader May 29th, 2013 video premiere with the song ContemplateWATCH. Native Instruments February 22th, 2013 Traktor video tutorial with the song Chasing YouWATCH. BBC 6 Music February 2nd, 2013 hosted by Mary Anne Hobbs with the song 15 BucksLISTEN. FACT Magazine February 14th, 2013 stream premiere with the song Fuck & FightLISTEN. XLR8R February 14th, 2013 news feature READ. Clubbing Spain February 15th, 2013 news feature READ. 92BPM.COM February 15th, 2013 news feature READ. Earmilk February 18th, 2013 stream with the song Fuck & FightLISTEN. Potholes In My Blog March 6th, 2013 feature with the song Waiting Featuring Vikter DuplaixLISTEN. Ampsoul March 8th, 2013 hosted by Jay Scarlett with the song Waiting Featuring Vikter Duplaix / ObliqueLISTEN. Hyponik March 8th, 2013 feature with the song Waiting Featuring Vikter DuplaixLISTEN. Moovmnt March 8th, 2013 feature with the song Waiting Featuring Vikter DuplaixLISTEN. Audio Texture February 18th, 2013 hosted by James Barrie with the song Fuck & FightLISTEN. THE UNTZ March 14th, 2013 exclusive stream with the song 15 BucksLISTEN. BBC 6 Music March 22nd, 2013 hosted by Tom Robinson with the song ObliqueLISTEN. 1LIVE March 24th, 2013 hosted by Klaus Fiehe with the song 15 BucksLISTEN. Chrome Kids / Radio Cardiff March 26th, 2013 hosted by Kaptin with the song WaitingLISTEN. Basic Soul Radio April 1st, 2013 hosted by Simon Harrison with the song Opium ScentedLISTEN. De:Bug March 1st, 2013 review READ. LA Music Blog May 8th, 2013 review READ. Cosmopolyphonic Radio (Tokyo, Japan) May 28th, 2013 hosted by Nibo with the song I Shouldn’t Be HereLISTEN. GROOVE June 11th, 2013 review READ. Boiler Room | London September 25th, 2013 live performance LISTEN/WATCH.

DJ / Artist Comments:
I love it (Mary Anne HobbsBBC 6 Music / UK)
Just listened with my girl… I might have sex twice today after this (Om Unit – Civil Music | Cosmic Bridge / UK)
Damnnnnn is all I can say! (Tim ParkerNTS Radio / UK)
You, Me, Temporary by Sweatson Klank is a truly sexy album. The textures, lyrics and all around production bring a combined sensuality that is missing in most electronic music. I always see a film when listening to the album. There are many guest vocalists, but the star here is Klanks instrumentals. Tunes that would sit comfortably next to Drake/weekend as they would next to Flying Lotus. Bravo to such an adult album. (King BrittUSA)
Thanks for this album Some GooOd Slowjamzzz on there! Already played 15 Bucks feat. doc Illingsworth instrumental version on Walrus System! (Mamiko MottoNTS / All City / Hepcatradio UK)

Out February 14th, the single “Fuck & Fight feat. Deniro Farrar“ from the upcoming 3LP full length album You, Me, Temporary. Exclusive stream via FACT Magazine!


A02.Opium Scented
A03.Waiting feat. Vikter Duplaix
A04.Asking For It
B05.15 Bucks feat. Doc Illingsworth
B06.Bed That
B07.Fuck & Fight feat. Deniro Farrar
B08.I Shouldn't Be Here feat. Ango
C09.Morning After Pills feat Anna Wise of Sonnymoon
C11.Till The End feat Self Says & Doc Illingsworth
C12.Even If We Get Too High feat. Ango
D13.Still Dark feat. Pat Parra
D14.Chasing You
D15.The Get Over
D16.All This Time
E17.Waiting (Instrumental)
E18.Asking For It (Instrumental)
E19.15 Bucks (Instrumental)
E20.Fuck & Fight (Instrumental)
E21.I Shouldn't Be Here (Instrumental)
F22.Morning After Pills (Instrumental)
F23.Till The End (Instrumental)
F24.Even If We Get Too High (Instrumental)
F25.Still Dark (Instrumental)

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Title: You, Me, Temporary
Artist: Sweatson Klank
ID: PMC114
Format: 3LP, 12 Inch, Digital
Date: 02. April 2013