Weedy of 40 Winks: Retrospect Suite (LP, 12 Inch, Digital)

In a repeatedly rephrased metaphor of vinyl archaeologists digging for samples and re-constructing music from tiny pieces and fractions of long lost sounds, Weedy of 40 Winks is actually a rare example of this image being executed to perfection. His puzzling way of piecing together intricate beats, rich in details, breaks and variations, is rather analogous to surrealist art than to most of his fellow contemporary beat-smiths. On top he adds his own instrumentation to perfect these compositions, being like a conservator creating mosaics of rhythms, grooves and harmonies, giving the listeners imagination ample space to wander about.

Mastered by Sven Friederichs | A&R: Malte Tarnow & Gordon Gieseking | Design & artwork by Burry.

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Excerpts of press or air play outcomes:
Resident Advisor December 12th, 2012 featureREAD. BBC 6 Music November 30th, 2012 hosted by Tom Ravenscroft with the song For UsLISTEN. East Village Radio / NYC November 12th, 2012 hosted by Jon Oliver with the song The BlueLISTEN. Soundboldly.be / Release November 18th, 2012 featureREAD. Basic Soul Radio / Samuai FM / Play FM December 3rd, 2012 hosted by Simon Harrison with the song NocturnalLISTEN. Czworka / Polskie Radio December 10th, 2012 with the song For Us / NocturnalLISTEN. Laid Back Radio December 19th, 2012 exclusive mixLISTEN. Sound Colour Vibration January 3th, 2013 reviewREAD. Musik Please (France) January 8th, 2013 reviewREAD. The Greed (100.7 FM Lyon, France) January 10th, 2013 with the song For Us / WarmuilsLISTEN. De:Bug Magazine #169 January 1st, 2013 reviewREAD. So Pedrada Musical (Brazil) January 11th, 2013 featureREAD. Passion Weiss January 11th, 2013 Beat of 2012READ. Basic Soul Radio (PLAY FM / Samurai FM) January 14th, 2012 Hosted by Simon Harrison with the song NowLISTEN. Audio Texture January 28th, 2012 Hosted by James Barrie with the song NowLISTEN.

DJ / Artist Comments:
This is good, very good. Love it (Daddy G – Massive Attack / UK)


A02For Us
A07The Blue
B08Your Lullaby
B11Dream About
B12Last Loop

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Title: Retrospect Suite
Artist: Weedy of 40 Winks
ID: PMC109
Format: LP, 12 Inch, Digital
Date: 14. December 2012