Robot Koch: Cosmic Waves (2LP, White 10 Inch, Digital)

After last year`s critically acclaimed full length album ‘The Other Side‘, Robot Koch is back with a new limited double white vinyl 10” LP on entitled ‘Cosmic Waves‘. The EP features both new Robot Koch tracks as well as collaborations he made with affiliated artists.

Instead of going the “usual route” by asking fellow artists to simply remix his music, Robot chose to send out half-finished tunes to his selection of musicians in order to have them finish and complete them in their very own way. To avoid the “name-dropping game” of asking the same intrenched names over and over again, he chose to collaborate with young and upcoming artists he personally favors and whose sound he really digs. For this reason the EP includes collaborations with Headshotboyz, Pavel Dovgal, Kuhn, submerse and Rain Dog.

The EP also features 3 new solo songs by Robot Koch. ‘Nano’ and ‘Follow Birds’ have only been released digitally and will now come out on vinyl for the first time. The title track ‘Cosmic Waves‘, is a new song in the vein of classic Koch tracks like ‘Lights‘ (‘The Other Side’ 2011).

Cosmic Waves’ derives from the very old concept that everything and everyone is connected with and through an universal energy that comprises all that is. The music reflects a deep interest in anything spiritual and mythical but also concepts of outer- and inner-space and the balancing of new digital and futuristic influences with nature and ancient wisdom. Therefore, it represents the idea that every matter in this universe exists in this cosmic ocean of waves, constantly materializing and dematerializing. In the words of Bobby Friction of the BBC, Robot’s music sounds like “artificial intelligence discovering religion“.

While this EP is dedicated to the international scene of beat-makers and focuses on instrumental beats again, Robot Koch contiunes writing new material with vocalist John LaMonica (featured on ‘The Other Side’ as a vocalist on songs like ‘Nitesky’). Robot and John are in the studio right now, working on a new project entitled ‘Robots Don’t Sleep‘, a bandproject that takes the songwriting and melody-focus of ‘The Other Side’ to a next level – more info about this will be revealed soon.

Mastered by Sven Friederichs. Artwork by Fefe Talavera. A&R: Gordon Gieseking.

Release date: August 31st.

You can order the vinyl version at | Rush Hour | Cargo UK | Diskunion | Jet Set Records | Crosstalk | Juno | Boomkat and more.

Digital download at Bandcamp | Itunes | Juno | Zero Inch | Beatport | Amazon | Boomkat | BLEEP.COM and more.

Excerpts of press or air play outcomes:
De:Bug – 165 September 7th, 2012 review READ. Okayplayer September 7th, 2012 review READ. URB Magazine September 5th, 2012 feature + exclusive podcast LISTEN/READ. BBC Radio 6 Music August 19th, 2012 Hosted by Tom Ravenscroft with the song Follow BirdsLISTEN. Mag August 26th, 2012 interview READ. BLN.FM July 16th, 2012 Rotation with the song Never Will, Milan, Cosmic WavesLISTEN. XLR8R August 10th, 2012 feature, stream and download of the song Never WillLISTEN/READ. Clubbing Spain August 13th, 2012 feature READ. Red Bull Music Academy August 16th, 2012 feature, stream and download of the song SludgeLISTEN/READ. NTS Radio August 14th, 2012 You’ll Soon Know with the song SludgeLISTEN/READ. XLR8R August 24th, 2012 Press Play feature of the song SludgeLISTEN/READ. Audio Texture August 17th, 2012 Hosted by James Barrie with the song Never WillLISTEN. Its Ours August 17th, 2012 review with the song Never WillREAD. Mag August 26th, 2012 review READ. The GAP August 29th, 2012 interview READ. Ableton September 3rd, 2012 feature + free dwnld codes READ. Dead Magazine September 2nd, 2012 interview READ. Spin South West September 1st, 2012 The Block with the song Cosmic WavesLISTEN. Selector September 1st, 2012 Show 579 with the song Never WillLISTEN. PBS 106.7FM September 3rd, 2012 The Blend with the song SludgeLISTEN. SCV (Music | Art | Film) September 10th, 2012 review READ. K Mag October 1st, 2012 feature READ.

DJ / Artist Comments:
Shyt iz ill yo (DOOM – United Kingdom)
Great new release from Koch, I’m always more down with his more melodic creations and this has got some great cosmic musical vibes running through the beats! (James Barrie – Audio Texture / Spain)


A01Cosmic WavesRobot Koch
A02NanoRobot Koch
B03MilanRobot Koch x Headshotboyz
B04Follow BirdsRobot Koch
C05OpenRobot Koch x Pavel Dovgal
C06SludgeRobot Koch x Kuhn
D07VoidRobot Koch x submerse
D08Never WillRobot Koch x Rain Dog

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Title: Cosmic Waves
Artist: Robot Koch
ID: PMC105
Format: 2LP, White 10 Inch, Digital
Date: 31. August 2012


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