Sekuoia / Rain Dog: Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Vol. 3 (LP, 12 Inch, Digital)

Project: Mooncircle & Finest Ego have teamed up to establish a fresh new 12” producer series, entitled “Faces”. On every edition, you will find two different producers. Respectively, each producer will have their own record-side and unique cover artwork by the aspiring Bioniq, known for his surrealistic portraits, blending humans and technology.

Faces number three will invite the two young producers Sekouia and Rain Dog to share sides on this disc and expose their musical crafts. Coming from Denmark and the UK, respectively, they are with certainty looking forward to long-lasting succesful careers. What they share is a an intrinsic feel for tiny musical details which give their music an intimate feel to keep the listener mesmerized for ages. On this record they experiment with different sounds and tempos to create a dynamic collection of unique compositions that congregate an EP of colourful, low slung and ambient tunes or simply ‘chocolatefudgebrownieplasticmusic‘.

Born in Düsseldorf, Germany and grown up in Detroit, Sekuoia is a project by the 19-year old danish producer Patrick Alexander Bech Madsen. His music, based on guitar melodies, deep bass, organic beats, and chopped and screwed vocal samples, is a take on various genres and he is best described as an experimental electronica producer. His debut EP “Trips“ was released in December last year.

Having originally studied as an artist, newcomer Rain Dog has spent the last couple of years experimenting with production software, building speakers, composing music for indie shorts and making beats out of various small bedrooms scattered across the north of England. Recently he has settled in London and with a release on Echodub‘s imprint, Cut and a track featured on Project: Mooncirlce‘s 10th anniversary box LP, he continues to develop his lowslung melodic compositions.

Limited 12” vinyl for serious collectors, DJ’s and record addicts only!

Mastered by Sven Friederichs. A&R: Gordon Gieseking & Malte Tarnow. Artwork by Bioniq.

Release date: July, 27th.

You can pre order the vinyl version at | Rush Hour | Cargo UK | Diskunion | Jet Set Records | Crosstalk | Juno | Boomkat and more.

Digital download at Bandcamp | Itunes | Juno | Zero Inch | Beatport | Amazon | Boomkat | BLEEP.COM and more.

Excerpts of press or air play outcomes:
Think Of You“ is no. 1 download track at XLR8R in July 2012 – READ. Big Up Magazine July 9th, 2012 feature READ. XLR8R July 12th, 2012 feature, stream and download of the song Think Of YouLISTEN/READ. Radio Z July 14th, 2012 Hosted by Stefan Wagner with the song DissapearLISTEN. Sound Colour Vibration July 12th, 2012 review and featureREAD. Arte TV | Creative July 12th, 2012 video feature READ. BLN.FM July 16th, 2012 Rotation with the song Dissapear, C2LISTEN. Donky Pitch x July 16th, 2012 Hosted by Slugabed with the song RitualsLISTEN. The Main Ingredient / NYC July 10th, 2012 hosted by Jon Oliver with the song Writers BlockLISTEN. PLAY.FM July 22, 2012 Groove Merchants Radioshow hosted by Majestic Mood with the song Rather NotLISTEN. Chrome Kids Radio Show July 24, 2012 hosted by Kaptin with the song Writers BlockLISTEN. The Main Ingredient / NYC July 25th, 2012 hosted by Jon Oliver with the song Rather NotLISTEN. Soundvenue August 9th, 2012 review READ. Audio Texture August 15th, 2012 Hosted by James Barrie with the song Keep MeLISTEN. 100.7 FM Lyon September 11, 2012 TheGreed #102 hosted by Slush with the song DissapearLISTEN. The Basic Soul Show October 15th, 2012 hosted by Simon Harrison with the song Like I Wasn’t ThereLISTEN. Beyondjazz #435 Dezember 2nd, 2012 hosted by Lennart with the song Keep MeLISTEN. ATM – All Tomorrow Music Dezember 2nd, 2012 feature with the song RitualsLISTEN.


A02Like I Wasn't ThereSekuoia
A03N e e ds eSekuoia
A04Rather NotSekuoia
A05 - Bonus DigitalRitualsSekuoia
B01C2Rain Dog
B02Think Of YouRain Dog
B03DaubRain Dog
B04Writers BlockRain Dog
B05 - Bonus DigitalKeep MeRain Dog

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Title: Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Vol. 3
Artist: Sekuoia / Rain Dog
ID: PMC103
Format: LP, 12 Inch, Digital
Date: 27. July 2012