Berlin-based label Project: Mooncircle is an official label from hhv.de. It was founded in 2002 by Gordon Gieseking and is specializing in the conjunction between electronic and organic music. Being interested in music from his earliest childhood on, it eventually became more than just a passion to him. The label, at first envisaged as a compilation project only, found the perfect partner with Thomas Ulrich and his mail-order hhv.de in 2004, later being joined by Jinna Morocha from Moscow. This led the way for the first instrumental and vocal solo releases by such artists as Mr Cooper, 40 Winks, CYNE, Jahbitat, John Robinson, MF Doom, Lambent, Lewis Parker, Non of Shadowhuntaz, Graciela Maria, Strand, Robot Koch, Pavel Dovgal, Ta-Ku, Mika Gao, Onra, Obba Supa, fLako, Sina., 1000 Names, DZA, Long Arm or Glen Porter.

Over time Project Mooncircle has progressed in leaps and bounds, taking on new artists and embracing fresh sounds. Today, emerging artists such as submerse, KRTS, Rain Dog, Blossom, Deft, Walrus Ghost and many more find their home at the label. Staying true to the Project: Mooncircle ethos of putting out music from the soul, Gordon Gieseking, Malte Tarnow & Aine Devaney are the people behind this label. Always looking forward within an ever changing music climate and nurturing that of our home artists. ▸▸ Official website

In 2009 the sub-label Project: Squared, run by Paul Cooper and Peter Schachmann, two long-standing companions and co-workers, was founded. Project: Squared releases mainly Dubstep and Techno 12” records from such artists as Asusu, Furesshu, AnD, L-OW, Tom Diccico, Kowton, Shifted and others. ▸▸ Official website

Another sub-label, Finest Ego, was added in 2010. Run by Malte Tarnow, its aim is to consolidate the versatility of instrumental beats, glitch or wonky and anything in between or beyond. The outcome are compilations with such producers as Daisuke Tanabe, Isaac Aesili, Om Unit, Lapalux, RLP, ichiro_, Himuro Yoshiteru, Pixelord, Monky, Christoph El Truento, and various others. ▸▸ Official website

The work of illustrators and graphic designers such as Annita Maslov, Ödo, Felicia Simion, Fefe Talavera, Marcus Gunnar Pettersson, Bioniq, Dan May, Iain McArthur, Ima One, LNY, Gordon, 44 Flavours, La Mano Fria, and The Binh create images that accompany the acoustic spaces.

Project: Mooncircle with its various producers & vocalist shall be an interesting experience for anyone looking for the extraordinary.

Excellent Berlin-based label!! (Bleep.com, UK)
One of our favorite labels (B. Traits – BBC Radio 1/BBC 1xtra, UK)
No. 5 on the Top 20 Labels 2013, as Voted by XLR8R Readers (XLR8R, US)
Excellent label (Nick Luscombe – BBC Radio 3, UK)


PMC001Wisdom In ChainsV/ALP, 12 Inch
PMC001-PSQSmall Hours / TaureanAsusu12 Inch, Digital
PMC002Lunar OrbitV/AEP, 12 Inch
PMC002-PSQUntitled / 1993 / HorizonsFuresshu12 Inch, Digital
PMC003Calderas Of MindV/A7 Inch
PMC003-PSQPinpoint / Diver / Diver (Furesshu Edit)L-OW12 Inch, Digital
PMC004SynonymBougalooAlbum, CD
PMC004-PSQNo Kya / No Kya (F Remix)Asusu12 Inch, Digital
PMC005Calderas Of MindPMC & Botanica Del Jibaro presentLP, Yellow 12 Inch
PMC005-PSQLucid / Lucid (Shifted Remix) / All I WantFuresshu12 Inch, Digital
PMC006Calderas Of MindPMC & Botanica Del Jibaro presentAlbum, CD, Digital
PMC006-PSQAlgorythmic Love EP (feat. Tom Dicicco Remix)AnD12 Inch, Digital
PMC007Third World Cup FinalsV/AAlbum, CD
PMC007-PSQUntitledTom Dicicco & Kowton12 Inch, Digital
PMC008Trojan HorseSeven StarSingle, 12 Inch
PMC008-PSQMake Your MessCraig McWhinney12 Inch, Digital
PMC009Alternate InventionSeven StarAlbum, CD
PMC010Amongst StrangersMr CooperLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC011InertiaMr CooperEP, 10 Inch, Digital
PMC012Leadership MidnightSoarse SpokenLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC013Harpy Lights The CanopyJahbitatLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC014The Heart On The Right SpotV/A2LP, 12 Inch
PMC015No Division 2.1MathematikLP, 12 Inch
PMC016Schlichtes GoldApollo Gold alias Manuva & SzenarioLP, 12 Inch
PMC017Schlichtes GoldApollo Gold alias Manuva & SzenarioAlbum, CD
PMC018The Heart On The Right Spot (Japan Version)V/AAlbum, CD (JP), Digital
PMC019No Es TardeManuversEP, 7 Inch
PMC020PMC/BDJ/Arepaz MixGordon of PMC / BBC Europe & SkratchDigital
PMC021Madrid 2 Los AngelesStrand & Non GeneticLP, 12 Inch
PMC022Madrid 2 Los AngelesStrand & Non GeneticAlbum, CD, Digital
PMC023Repaint TomorrowFat Jon The Ample Soul PhysicianAlbum, 2LP
PMC024The Lucid Effect40 WinksLP, 12 Inch
PMC025The Lucid Effect40 WinksAlbum, CD (JP), Digital
PMC026What Else There IsMr Cooper2LP, 12 Inch
PMC027What Else There IsMr CooperAlbum, CD (JP), Digital
PMC028S/TDisc System Meets Inner ScienceLP, 12 Inch
PMC029Starship UtopiaCYNELP, 12 Inch
PMC030Starship UtopiaCYNEAlbum, CD, Digital
PMC031Silent In Truth (The Inner Splendor)V/A2LP, 12 Inch
PMC032Silent In Truth (The Inner Splendor)V/AAlbum, CD, Digital
PMC033Finest Ego | New Zealand / Australian Beatmaker CompilationV/AAlbum, Cassette, Digital, dwnld
PMC034Finest Ego | Russian Beatmaker CompilationV/AAlbum, Cassette, Digital, dwnld
PMC035Finest Ego | Japanese Beatmaker CompilationV/AAlbum, Cassette, Digital, dwnld
PMC036Who Is This Man?John Robinson & DOOM2LP, 12 Inch
PMC037Who Is This Man?John Robinson & DOOMAlbum, CD, Digital
PMC038A Place Called HomeJohn Robinson Feat. Lewis Parker7 Inch, Digital
PMC039Finest Ego | German / Austrian / Swiss CompilationV/AAlbum, Cassette, Digital, dwnld
PMC040Leviathan (Break the Spell)Scienz Of Life2LP, 12 Inch
PMC041Leviathan (Break the Spell)Scienz Of LifeAlbum, CD, Digital
PMC044Falling DownGlen PorterSingle, 7 Inch
PMC045Falling DownGlen PorterAlbum, Digital
PMC046Smoothness Extract (Deep Night At Ishigaki)LambentLP, 12 Inch
PMC047Smoothness Extract (Deep Night At Ishigaki)LambentAlbum, CD, Digital
PMC048Death Star DroidRobot KochLP, 12 Inch
PMC049Death Star DroidRobot KochAlbum, CD, Digital
PMC050PMC050 Anniversary MixV. Raeter, Skratch, Gordon & The BinhDigital
PMC051Midnight Mathematics Obba Supa Featuring Evil Ed & John RobinsonEP, 10 Inch, Digital
PMC052Sound SurroundingsThe Q4 - The QuadraphoniQuartetLP, 12 Inch
PMC053Sound SurroundingsThe Q4 - The QuadraphoniQuartetAlbum, CD, Digital
PMC054Tribute To The Q4Mr Cooper & Dday OneSingle, 7 Inch
PMC055The Unseen TrapLewis ParkerEP, 10 Inch, Digital
PMC056Death Star Droid RemixRobot KochEP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC057Let Me IntroduceJoe KickassEP, Digital, DWNLD
PMC058The ZeitgeistProject: Mooncircle x Spoken View RecordsEP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC059Darker DaysThe Q4EP, 12 Inch + Cassette, Digital
PMC060Listen To Them FadeRobot KochEP, 12 Inch + Cassette, Digital
PMC061Enter The CircleShahmenEP, Digital, DWNLD
PMC062NowNumaadsEp. 12 Inch, Digital
PMC063Mind JoeJoe KickassLP, Pink 12 Inch, Digital
PMC064Audio AlchemyObba SupaEP, Digital, DWNLD
PMC065International SummersJohn Robinson And Lewis ParkerLP, 12 Inch + Cassette
PMC066International SummersJohn Robinson And Lewis ParkerAlbum, CD, Digital
PMC067Songs For Trees And CyborgsRobot Koch2LP, 12 Inch
PMC068Songs For Trees And CyborgsRobot KochAlbum, CD, Digital
PMC069The Moon Comes CloserV/A2LP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC070CassiopeiaPavel DovgalLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC071Mini TollboothfLakoEP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC072Many PlacesGraciela MariaLP, 12 Inch, CD, Digital
PMC073The BranchesLong ArmLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC074Robot RobinsonRobot Koch And John RobinsonLP, 12 Inch
PMC075Robot RobinsonRobot Koch And John RobinsonAlbum, CD, Digital
PMC076It's The Trip40 Winks2xLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC077The MesektetfLako2xLP, 12 Inch, Digital + Bonus 7 Inch
PMC079Mind Joe RemixesJoe KickassEP, Digital, DWNLD
PMC080SupersharkDZAEP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC081OrganicLong ArmLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC082Finest Ego | United Kingdom / Ireland CompilationV/AAlbum, Cassette, Digital, dwnld
PMC083TributeOnra & Quetzal present2LP, 12 Inch
PMC084The Other SideRobot Koch2LP, 12 Inch, Gatefold Cover
PMC085The Other SideRobot KochCD, Album, Digital, DWNLD
PMC086Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Vol. 1Ta-Ku / Pavel DovgalLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC087Hold OnKRTSEP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC089From Love To DustSina.EP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC090Carving Away The ClayfLakoEP, 10 Inch, Digital
PMC091Finest Ego | Hypnotic MachineSzenarioAlbum, Cassette, Digital
PMC092Invisible Architect1000names2LP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC093Binary Compound Vol. 1KRTS & Pavel DovgalEP, Digital, DWNLD
PMC095Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Vol. 2Mike Gao / Daisuke TanabeLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC096FloatingRumpistol / Red Baron2LP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC097FloatingRumpistol / Red BaronCD, Album, Digital, DWNLD
PMC098Finest Ego | FindGood PaulEP, Cassette, Digital
PMC099Finest Ego | Luminous ThingsKwalaEP, Cassette, Digital
PMC10010th Anniversary CompilationV/ABox 4LP, White 12 Inch, Digital
PMC101Elevate MeSweatson KlankEP, Clear 12 Inch, Digital
PMC102Finest Ego | UnfoldEmptAlbum, Cassette, Digital
PMC103Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Vol. 3Sekuoia / Rain DogLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC104TearssubmerseEP, Blue 12 Inch, Digital
PMC105Cosmic WavesRobot Koch2LP, White 10 Inch, Digital
PMC106Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Vol. 4Lomovolokno / SierenLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC107KidsukeKidkanevil And Daisuke Tanabe2LP, Orange 12 Inch, Digital
PMC108The Dread Of An Unknown EvilKRTS2LP, Cyan 12 Inch, Digital
PMC109Retrospect SuiteWeedy of 40 WinksLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC110The Branches - Deluxe EditionLong Arm2LP, Clear 12 Inch, Gatefold Cover, Digital
PMC11110 YRS hhv.de 45 Volume 10V/A7 Inch, Digital
PMC112Algorithms and GhostssubmerseLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC113OlvidoGraciela MariaLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC114You, Me, TemporarySweatson Klank3LP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC115Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Vol. 5Tendts, Hanami & DaixieLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC116Mesektet ExtndfLako2LP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC117ΣclipseV/AEP, Cassette, Digital, dwnld
PMC118Voight KampffDeftEP, Purple 12 Inch, Digital
PMC119NonfictionThe Range2LP, 12 Inch
PMC120MelonkolysubmerseEP, White 12 Inch, Digital
PMC121UprisingV/A3LP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC122UnpavedRobot KochLP, 12 Inch, Gatefold, Digi, Short Film
PMC123The ForeignerKRTSEP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC124Blue Balloons / The Longest JourneyBlossom2LP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC125Two WordsRain Dog2LP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC126Uplifting Themes For the NaysayerWalrus GhostLP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC127Finest Ego | Mother LoveIIIII (Five Eyes)Album, Cassette, Digital, dwnld
PMC128The Average JoeJoe KickassLP, Gold 12 Inch, Digital
PMC129MenokoBarrio Lindo2LP, Purple 12 Inch, MC, Digital
PMC130My Little Ghostkidkanevil2LP, Pink 12 Inch, MC, JP-CD, Digital
PMC131Finest Ego | Inner WorldsOlof MelanderAlbum, Cassette, Digital, dwnld
PMC132Slow Wavessubmerse2LP, 12 Inch, MC, JP-CD, Digital
PMC133PushMy Panda Shall Fly & Mau'linEP, White 12 Inch, Digital
PMC134MemooshMemotone & Soosh2LP, Grey 12 Inch, MC, Dig
PMC135Explorations (CSD - Edition)V/AMC, Digital - Beatport Exclusive
PMC136Blue JasmineDeftWhite 12 Inch, Digital

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