IA MIX 70: Project: Mooncircle "Monochrome" Mixed by Gordon Gieseking

29. June 2012Comments (4)

In a dismal black-and- white movie or image one can still find the warmth of colors, especially as the whole environment heavily influences the perception of such a movie or image. These thoughts were unvariably accompanied with contemporary music and this Mix for Inverted Audio has been inspired by many black-and-white images. Founder and co-founder Gordon Gieseking tried to include plenty of releases from the labels Finest Ego, Project Squared and Project: Mooncircle because they are the food for his thoughts…

The mix includes Tom Diccico, Sei A, Lorca, Furesshu, Marco Effe, AnD, Makam, Dark Sky, Desolate, Kwala, Roof Light, Theo Bass, Robot Koch, John LaMonica, Pavel Dovgal, Good Paul, Empt, Bambooman, Sorrow, Rain Dog, MD, Brothomstates, Jack Dixon, Darling Farah, Submerse, and Sweatson Klank (aka Take).


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28. June 2012Comments (8)

Hailing from Cheshire, Submerse is an esteemed producer/DJ with a distinct and recognisable sound that traverses Beat Music, Ambient, 2-step and Autonomic whilst being punctuated by a myriad of unique and personal influences. The past year has seen him at his most prolific, releasing tracks & remixes with R&S sister label Apollo Records, Med School and many more. Submerse was featured by Pioneer Japan and was also named ‘Band Of The Week’ In The Guardian newspaper (2012).

Amidst a plenitude of productions, Submerse has also seen support emerge from influential media titans such as DJ Mag, XLR8R, Big Up, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1xtra.

After his “They Always Come Back“ EP on Apollo Records, “Tears“ is already his second vinyl release this year. The EP is all about the feeling of solitude you’re in upon finding yourself in a foreign country and a strangely different culture. In this situation the smallest and most usual tasks – simply finding a can of your favorite soft drink for instance – have the potential to become almost insuperable obstacles. Soaking in the atmosphere created by dim street lights on a nightly stroll to explore new territories in a vastly unknown urban space, while contemplating about new experiences and memories of home are activities to indulge in when you’re stranded all alone in an alien world.

Release date: June, 29th. Limited edition blue transparent vinyl!

You can pre order the vinyl version at hhv.de | Rush Hour | Cargo UK | Diskunion | Jet Set Records | Crosstalk | Juno | Boomkat and more.

Digital download at Itunes | Juno | Zero Inch | Beatport | Amazon | Bandcamp | Boomkat | BLEEP.COM and more.

Excerpts of press or air play outcomes:
Resident Advisor July 31st, 2012 review READ. FACT Magazine July 5th, 2012 interview READ. “Pressure“ is no. 1 download track at XLR8R in June 2012 – READ. Mixmag June 29th, 2012 feature, mix and interview LISTEN. XLR8R June 8th, 2012 feature, stream and download of the song PressureLISTEN/READ. Navator May 29th, 2012 feature with the song TearsREAD/LISTEN. Chrome Kids Radio May 28th, 2012 Hosted by Kaptin with the song TearsLISTEN. Playground Magazine May 30th, 2012 feature READ. Inverted Audio June 10th, 2012 feature READ. Radio Z June 9th, 2012 Hosted by Stefan Wagner with the song It’s Over, I LostLISTEN. The Mint Collective June 10th, 2012 feature READ. Donky X Hivemind Vol.21 June 14th, 2012 Hosted by Slugabed with the song Cream SodaLISTEN. SpinTV South West June 14th, 2012 Hosted by Peter Curtin with the song Meaningless Moments In CapsulesLISTEN. PBS 106.7FM June 18th, 2012 The Blend with the song Meaningless Moments In CapsulesLISTEN. East Village Radio / NYC, Brooklyn June 26th, 2012 Hosted by Jon Oliver with the song Meaningless Moments In CapsulesLISTEN. Radio Fritz / Nightflight June 23rd, 2012 Hosted by Andre Langenfeld with the song It’s Over, I LostLISTEN. Hyponik June 29th, 2012 review READ. PLAY.FM June 20, 2012 Groove Merchants Radioshow hosted by Majestic Mood with the song Cream SodaLISTEN. WYEP Pittsburgh July 23, 2012 Dubmission #707 hosted by Kerem Gokmen with the song Cream SodaLISTEN. NME Radio + FM stations in 35 countries to over 4 million listeners around the world July 20, 2012 The Selector #572 hosted by Esser with the song Cream SodaLISTEN. KUSF.FM July 20, 2012 Friday Night Session with the song Meaningless Moments In CapsuleLISTEN. hhv.de Mag August 20th, 2012 review READ. 100.7 FM Lyon July 3, 2012 TheGreed #101 hosted by Slush with the song TearsLISTEN. NTS Radio September 29th, 2012 Jus Like Music Show hosted by Gav with the song Kerosene / TearsLISTEN.

DJ / Artist Comments:
I really like this EP (Robot Koch – Jahcoozi / Germany)
I’ve been jamming this hard, I love it. Probably my favourite Submerse release yet and I’ve loved them all. Project Mooncircle on fire at the moment. (Kaptin – Chrome Kids / UK)
Submerse can do no wrong! (Chrissy Murderbot – Planet Mu / UK)
Feeling this one, nice vibes indeed. (Kelpe – Black Acre / UK)
Love this guy, fckin quality. (Simbad – Raw Fusion / GAMM / Various / UK)
The bonus tracks Stars and Meaningless moments are my favourite. Very nice! (Dj Flight – Metalheadz / Fabric / Rinse FM – UK)
Love this release! Its dope as hell (Alexander Nut – Eglo Records / Rinse FM / UK)
Great stuff, love this. (David MartinVOX / Dimensions / Outlook – UK)
Too good! (A13 – Kiss FM / PBS / Heavy Init – Australia)
Really feeling this, super dope. Mooncircle get better and better, great release. (Kid Kanevil – First Word / Soundcrash – UK)

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01. June 2012Comments (8)

Available digitally and on limited chrome cassettes (with digital download code), we are releasing a series of albums and EP’s from talented and promising artists. Expect all facets of instrumental hip-hop, future beats and electronic beat music….

As we pursue our lifes and the relationships it brings with it, it seems as if we just can’t avoid making the same mistakes over and over, chasing one unhealthy relationship after the other. Some say that our choice of partners is strangely predestined and we keep searching for our significant other in all the wrong places. How can we affect these templates seeming to be deeply ingrained in our brains and liberate ourselves from such self-imprisonment to find the right people, friend and partners to join our temporal journey.

Empt is 20 year old Romanian Bogdan Gridan. Always having been into music and playing various instruments, he was introduced to Ableton while still going to school about a year ago. Ever since he has been making music to process and give meaning to his everday life, being influenced by natural and organic sounds and trying to sum up and express himself by means of personal experiences and feelings.

Digital download | Chrome cassette + digital download code

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