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Danish electronic artist Rumpistol, aka Jens B. Christiansen, releases his fourth and most ambitious album yet – Floating – a collaboration with LA based vocalist Red Baron that further explores the post dub-step vocal territories opened up on last year’s Talk To You EP. With tighter song structures, intimate lyrics and the Baron’s ecstatic vocal projections, the two create a parallel world in which the domestic breakdowns of wintry Copenhagen are filtered through surreal sun-bleached Californian dreams, resulting in a robotic and hypnagogic hybrid of soul.

The sound, while still recognizably “Rumpistol” in its organically unstable clicks and gurgles, marks an evolution in Christiansen’s thinking, shedding light on the interior landscapes of existential crisis and bliss that he’s been essaying over the last ten years.

The introduction of Red Baron does a great deal to carry this forward. Many of the tracks were written in partnership with the elusive vocalist on an almost subconscious level, through a process where different phrases were recorded until the atmosphere was properly expressed. It’s through the Baron’s heavily processed voice, hovering between male and female timbres, that the ghost of American pop culture finds itself here too. In this way Grace Jones stands tall in a frozen stream on I’m Not Listening, Lionel Richie gets stuck in traffic on a bad trip in Colors Breaking while Kanye pushes his auto-tuned bicycle through the blizzard of Floating.

But as the arctic arpeggiated synths let you know, the album is more about the future than any past, a future where Rumpistol and Red Baron dare to take current genres from the post dub-step and wonky scenes and defy them with the human voice for a dystopic soul music of their own.

You can pre order the vinyl/cd version at hhv.de | VME | Rush Hour | Cargo UK | Diskunion | Jet Set Records | Crosstalk | Juno | Boomkat and more.

Digital download at Itunes | Juno | Zero Inch | Beatport | Amazon | Bandcamp | Boomkat | BLEEP.COM and more.

Excerpts of press or air play outcomes:
AIAIAI Headphones July 16th, 2012 interview READ. Audio TextureMarch 23, 2012 hosted by James Barrie with the song DinosaursLISTEN. Chrome KidsMarch 26, 2012 with the song FloatingLISTEN. Seattle’s KBCS 91.3 FMMarch 23, 2012 City Soul Radio Show with the song FloatingLISTEN. Dinamo 103.8 FM IstanbulMarch 23, 2012 Basic Soul Radio Show with the song Talk To YouLISTEN. Playground Magazine April 4th, 2012 feature READ. hhv-mag.com April 5th, 2012 feature READ. Tokyo’s Inter FM 76.1MHz / Yokohama 76.5April 8, 2012 hosted by Toshio Matsuura with the song GravityLISTEN. Pinboard Blog April 9, 2012 feature READ. BLN.FMApril 8, 2012 Finest Ego Radio Interview + live setLISTEN. Boiler RoomMarch 20, 2012 #82 London Live setLISTEN. Soma FM (San Francisco) April 14, 2012 with the song AnywhereLISTEN. Groove MerchantsApril 15th, 2011 hosted by Valentin Menedetter with the song DinosaursLISTEN. The Milk FactoryMay 2nd, 2011 review READ. M94,5 May, 3rd 2012 Bassport with the song AnywhereLISTEN. Radio Eins May, 14th 2012 Elektro Beats with the song Silverlake, GravityLISTEN. EMVOMV May, 18th 2012 Video Of The Day #166 with the song I’m Not ListeningLISTEN. Basic Soul Radio (Africa) June, 4th 2012 Hosted by Simon Harrison with the song I’m Not ListeningLISTEN. Impuls June, 4th 2012 review READ. Drum And Bass (Hungary) June, 4th 2012 review READ.

DJ / Artist Comments:
Brilliant soundscape! (Laurent GarnierPBB Radio/Various – France)
Checked out Floating and really love the vibe of the music. The production is superb. This is what Massive Attack should be doing… Big support. (Ashley Beedle – Balistic Brothers/Various – UK)
Absolutely intriguing sound, I’m feeling it. (Simbad – Raw Fusion/GAMM/Various – UK)
The whole LP is ace. DEEP. I’m so into the vocal track, love Red’s voice <3 (Dj Flight – Metalheadz/Rinse FM/Various – UK)
Dinosaurs is beautiful. (Dj A La Fu – VaVa/Big Dada Records/Radio Magnetic/Various clubs – Scotland)
This is phenomenol… definitely going in the next show… think going with the Title track. (Kaptain/Chrome Kids – Chrome Kids Radio show/Various – UK)
I’m liking “Floating” although it’s not an easy track to play out… (Daniele Davoli – Various – UK/Worldwide)
Chillaxing (Mike Stukes – Mystic Vybes – WHCR 90.3 FM – NY)
Nice sounding beats and always nice to hear some vocals in the post dubstep/beats world, even if they are heavily processed. Anyways ‘Talk To You’ and ‘Dinosaurs’ are my tunes and one of them will be in the show double quick style. (Audio Texture Radio Show – Various – UK/EU)
Really dig this…will definitely support on the show. Look forward to hearing more too! (Part Time Heros – Soundwave/Vibe Bar/Various – UK)

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Project: Mooncircle 10th Anniversary report at DE:BUG Magazine #161

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