- MJ167 We're On The Moon Mixed by Gordon Of Project: Mooncircle / Project: Mooncircle | Project Squared label special with CYNE @ TWEN.FM

17. January 2011Comments (16) – MJ167

Gordon Gieseking is a Berlin residing graphic artist, making artworks for various international labels and artists. He is also a DJ and a founder of Project: Mooncircle – label which representatives have been on Mondayjazz broadcast for several times. Just remember dope mixes from fLako, Robot Koch, Manuvers, Glen Porter, Pavel Dogval and many more, not to mention acts or artist, that could be associated as labels like minded friends. Core of the We’re On The Moon is also constructed around labels production and having in mind the quantity and quality of Project: Mooncircle releases, it is a promising and wide spreading journey through actual music. But freshness isn’t the only parameter, mix includes some all-time hits and is based under fluent, a bit dark and spacey emotion. The tracklist includes acts like Fancy Mike, Mr. Projectile, Evil Ed, FERARRI, Robot Koch, Pavel Dovgal, Juj, Jungle Drums And Ahu, Azzurro, 40 Winks, SATO, John Robinson, Lewis Parker, StaHHr, Cymarshall Law, 4RCE, Lewis McCallum, Long Arm, Dela, Doppelkopf, Asaviour, Szenario, Dj Krush, Zap Mama, Tumi, Jahbitat, Take, Tycho, Robot Robinson & Lusine. So an excellent presentation of material that has in some way always been around, but for the first time is clearly detailed. It will give you joy of cognition through recognition.



Project: Mooncircle | Project Squared label special with CYNE @ TWEN.FM

Recording of the Project Mooncircle | Project Squared (V. Raeter, Jinna Morocha, Gordon and Skratch) and CYNE radio-special at TWEN.FM from Saturday night, also featuring some Finest Ego stuff like LONG ARM, Sato, Dela and 40 Winks. Listen to it here and enjoy!

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07. January 2011Comments (10)

Mexican Singer/Songwriter Graciela Maria has been singing since she was a little kid. Having livied in Mexico City for many years, she was part of the mexican electronic music scene and made music with local producers signal deluxe.

In 2009 she met berlin based producer Robot Koch in New York at his show at Coco66 in Brooklyn.
They started making music together and Grace was featured on Robot`s album “Death Star Droid” as well as on the Ep “Listen To Them Fade”. 2009 marked the beginning of a journey both musically and geographically for Graciela, as she moved from Mexico City to Berlin and started playing shows wolrdwide with Robot Koch.
They played everywhere from the Sonar Festival in Barcelona to some obscure art festivals in Bulgaria and Tunesia.

With Many Places, Graciela Maria`s stunning debut album, she steps into the light as more than just a featured vocalist on Koch`s electronica and dubstep driven compositions: Her own music breathes the vibe of classic singer/songwriters like Tim Buckley and Elliot Smith, with the music and the production being even more organic and live sounding than on the previous Koch tracks. The songwriting took place all over the world, as Graciela traveled and lived in many places recently, accompanied by her little notebook and her digital camera, which she uses to record song ideas on all the time. The topics she deals with are both surreal and personal and leave it up to the listener to be interpretated.

Producer Robot Koch teamed up with friend and fellow musician Sneaky (Fingathing / Ninja Tune) to create this organic and retro futuristic sounding album, that incorporates Double Bass, Live Drums, Cello and other String instruments and well as a subtle touch of cutting edge electronic production which Robot Koch is know for. The track “Many Places” features a string arrangement by Fiora Cutler.

Graciela Maria is an artist to watch out for in the future as she proves to create timeless pieces of music that are appealing to Indie/pop listeners and lover`s of electronic music alike.

Artwork & photos by The Binh.
Release date: January, 28th.

You can order the vinyl version at | Jet Set Records | UGHH.COM | Rush Hour | Access HipHop | Cargo UK | Fat Beats | Diskunion and more.

Digital download at Itunes | Juno | Zero Inch | Beatport | Amazon | Bandcamp | Musicload and more.

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