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Numaads sounds different, looks different and thinks different.

Esperanzah is like a siren calling the listeners to her as she floats on the ocean of sound, created by her long time friend and musical partner SENSE (of The Q4 and Shahmen ). Her smooth earthy rap voice and angelic singing are carried beautifully by the strong drums and atmospheric vibes, and speaks to us of realignment with nature, with our roots and with ourselves.

SENSE skilfully combines original use of sampling, interweaved with organic instrumentation, to sculpt a sound that carries an almost mystical atmosphere. He is a craftsman who has been perfecting his art for many years and is now coming forth in to the light.

The record features four original songs and two remixes of the title song Now, by renowned producers Robot Koch and J Rawls .
“Tricks and schemes will all be gone,talked about the coming for so long. I am sure that evil’s time is done. Do you know where I’m coming from?”

Release date: 4th of June.

Numaads at Okayplayer.com

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10. May 2010Comments (10)

Full length album by Joe Kickass

…and then suddenly there was Joe Kickass. Seemingly out of the blue but with careful planning he dropped his well received ‘Let Me Introduce EP’ earlier this year on Project: Mooncircle. His track with Morlockk Dilemma called ‘Real Emcee’s’ of the ‘Zeitgeist EP’ featuring a.o. Lewis Parker, Obba Supa and John Robinson added some more heads to his rapidly expanding fan base.

Now, Joe is back to bring you his first full length album entitled ‘Mind Joe’. It’s a diverse soul, jazz and oldskool infused ride, laced with witty and gritty vocals and wrapped in a sick cover design sporting Joe’s own illustrations. Besides getting Portformat, Arts The Beatdoctor of The Q4 and of course Killing Skills on board, Joe again composed the majority of the beats himself proving himself as versatile as some kind of walking computer car that has yet to be invented.

This 17 track album brings your beloved hiphop back to life with it’s raw but musically underpinned sound and lets you dive in Joe’s mind as well as making you mind Joe for a long time to come.

‘Mind Joe’ will be released on the 4th of June on Project: Mooncircle and will be available on LP and digital. For more info check www.projectmooncircle.com and www.joekickass.nl.

The vinyl version includes a DOWNLOAD CODE for the whole album.

Record Release Party with NUMAADS & JOE KICKASS:
Saturday, June, 5th, 2010
Bitterzoet, Amsterdam

PMC063 Snippet
Release date: 4th of June.

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Red Bull Music Academy Feature | Tru Thoughts Radio | Rhythm Incursions | Dugout radio show | Groove Merchants at Play.FM | LIJN5 | BBE Radio | Nike / Red / Mixcloud collabo mix | 90BPM.COM with Numaads, Robot Koch, Joe Kickass, Dday One and more...

10. May 2010Comments (11)

The Dugout Show on Brighton’s Juice 107.2FM & anytime at Totally Radio by Tom Simpson (Zebra Traffic) with Numaads “Thankful”.
12-2am Saturday 15th May 2010 DOWNLOAD . Groove Merchants Show on PLAY.FM with Numaads & Robot Koch. Monday 24th May 2010 DOWNLOAD . Rhythm Incursions May 2010 with Numaads, The Q4 & Dday One. DOWNLOAD . LIJN 5 Radio May 2010 with Joe Kickass. DOWNLOAD . BBE Radio – Global Souljah May, 16th 2010 with Numaads & Robot Koch. DOWNLOAD . Nike, Mixcloud & RED collaboration MIX June, 7th 2010 with Numaads. DOWNLOAD . Red Bull Music Academy Feature June, 15th 2010 with Numaads & Robot Koch. DOWNLOAD . 90BPM.com Feature June, 15th 2010 with Lewis Parker, John Robinson, Numaads & Robot Koch. here . Unfold is the Tru Thoughts radio show hosted by Robert Luis Sun 20th June 10pm-12am Juice 107.2 fm with Numaads. DOWNLOAD .

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OUT NOW: PMC059 - The Q4 "Darker Days" EP, 12 Inch + Cassette

07. May 2010Comments (12)

TheQ4 is a Dutch production trio consisting of sampling specialists Sense, Arts the Beatdoctor and STW. Although their collage of sounds covers bits of many genres, it is generally perceived as hip-hop or trip-hop. Numerous of obscure records are worked into every song with the greatest of care, often accompanied by live instrumentation or scratches giving their music an organic feel.

TheQ4’s name refers to the quadraphonic sound systems that where used in the seventies, as one of the earlier forms of surround sound installations. Hence the title: Sound Surroundings for their critically acclaimed debut that was released on the 22nd of January 2010 through Project: Mooncircle. Aside from instrumental songs the album also features a number of guest vocalists, ranging from rappers to flamenco and blues singers.

Their upcoming release Darker Days however will be fully instrumental and features four original new tracks and two remixes. The 12 Inch comes with a promotional cassette (yes, a cassette!) on which another new TheQ4 song can be found, as well as an introduction to Shahmen, one of Sense’s solo projects which will be released in April/September through Project: Mooncircle.

Release date: 7th of may.

“Just checking the EP and it’s sounding great, the label is getting better and better!”
by James Barrie (BBE Radio)

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OUT NOW: PMC060 - Robot Koch "Listen To Them Fade" EP, 12 Inch + Cassette

07. May 2010Comments (8)

After last year`s release “Death Star Droid” Berlin stromtrooper Robot Koch kept himself busy. He finished off the new Jahcoozi album “Barefoot Wanderer” which is coming out on Bpitch Control this spring. Coinciding with the release of his “Death Star Droid Remix EP” (incl fresh mixes by Loops Haunt, Blue Daisy etc). Robot Koch was on tour in the USA and Mexico, stopping by in LA for a stunning gig at Low End Theory and finally settled down for 2 months in Mexcio City, where he found time to work on new material with his girlfriend and singer Grace . Visiting some ancient Maya and Atztec sites and Pyramids sure added to the spaced out magic of the new EP. The new material is dark, percussive and surreal. Like an audible painting my leonora carrington. Its dubby but not dubstep, rather next step maybe. The songs are heavy and dripping with analog and organic sounds…. Lo Fi field recording mashed up with heavy bass and unquantized grooves. Live sounds like guitars work like samples. Vocal talent Grace, that was already featured on the Death Star Droid album and the last EP brings in a dark and yet soulful gospel vibe over Koch’s twisted beat concoctions. This EP is only a taster of the new album that should be ready to drop in october on Project: Mooncircle.

In the meantime Koch will keep himself busy with playing shows (with Dorian Concept, Stagga, Darkstar, Boxcutter) and festivals including a live show appearance at this year`s Sonar Festival.
PMC060 snippet
Artwork by 44 Flavours.
Stay tuned. Robots don’t sleep!
Release date: 7th of may.
Robot Koch “Listen To Them Fade” Feature @ XLR8R
“Really impressive! ‘True’ is my favorite…. like watching mountains melt without LSD
by Lorn (Brainfeeder)

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