Cosmopolyphonic radio (Japan) with Lambent | The Zeitgeist EP - Byte.FM special | Mondayjazz w/ Glen Porter | Superfly.FM - Play.FM - Soulsender - BBE Radio - Rhythm Incursions April 2010 w/ Robot Koch and The Q4

30. March 2010Comments (12)

Under the name of Cosmopolyphonic, they will feature music from all over the world that share the same kind of vibes. There are many up and coming artist / producers / musicians based in Japan that desrves to be noticed worldwide, and many talented ones in this whole wide world that they want to introduce to Japan and the rest of the world.
Cosmopolyphonic radio
Download – episode 15 – March 2010
Lambent “Smoothness Extract” Album at

We have also a special about our upcoming german collaboration with Spoken View records on Byte.FM.
30th of march, Tuesday, 08.00 PM – Byte.FM

Global SoulJah and BBE Records Radio Show April 4, 2010 with Robot Koch Download “Robot Koch is on a roll this year and I am absolutely loving his new work on Project Mooncircle, a wonderful selection of dark, measured, percussive, super fresh beats with some great soulful vocal touches, don’t try to categorise it just check it out.” by James Barrie .

Global SoulJah and BBE Records Radio Show April 25, 2010 with The Q4 Download . – MJ131 Zapped by Glen Porter with acts like Bonobo, Mat Young, U-Point, The Q4, Roy Orbison, Clark, Can, The Residents, Tycho, Themselves, Dday One and more..
Back to Cali once again and we meet this week’s hero Glen Porter waiting with the fresh mixtape in his hands. Mix Zapped brings some moments that can be described as in between. Some Dj Shadow styled mid tempo rithms making you feel like graff writer in the middle of the night nervously squeezing a can gradually changing with some brighter motives. Vocals delivered in various packages – rap, song or just indistinct exploatation of the voice. If talking about cans, check the tracklist and you’ll find a hint where all this slight spice of krautrock coming from. As well as all the other additives, augmenting the main flow, like some classic pop, little bit of electronics, dubstep, Glen’s own material etc. A soundtrack for urban tomb raider.

Soulsender | Play.FM | Superfly.FM with Robot Koch & The Q4
13.04.: The Message on Superfly.FM at 10pm | 25.04.: Soulsender | 26.04.2010: Groove Merchants at
Download the first hour with Morgan Zarate, Noisses, Robot Koch , Hygher Baby, Alice Russell, Onur Engin, Erykah Badu, Swede:Art, Kelpe, Mr Dibiase, Onra, Portformat, Chrisfader & Testa, Suff Daddy, The Q4 , Onra and more..

Rhythm Incursions April 2010 with Robot Koch Download the show!
Rhythm Incursions . Thanks to Laurent!

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The Q4 LIVE ON DUTCH TELEVISION (De Wereld Draait Door)!

12. March 2010Comments (11)

The Q4 “Sound Surroundings” vinyl version. As this one is still badly wanted we have a little repress on the way… Pre order NOW.

TheQ4 – Sound Surroundings entered the Dutch Album Charts at Number 65, today.

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Cookin' Soul Vol 2 (Diggin' Deeper) Mix Tape!

01. March 2010Comments (15) , Generation Tapedeck, Rhythm Incursions & Laid Back Radio present:
After the great success of the first mix with more than 48 000 downloads, we are ready to present you part II of the session. Cookin’ Soul Vol 2 (Diggin’ Deeper) is a pleasant mix of selected nineties sounds, lasting 45 minutes. Rare remix versions & white labels or underground classics blend into one stream. Gordon of Project: Mooncircle / takes back his eyes to NYC and collectors also like lovers will find their favourites.

Cookin’ Soul 2 (Diggin’ Deeper, 2010) – Download . The mix includes acts like Natural Elements, Champain, World Renown, Thrust, The Outfit, Sourface, Group Home, Shadez Of Brooklyn, Nine, T Max, Heather B, Ill Biskits, Erick Sermon, The Imperial One, Louie Rankin, Triflicts, Smif N Wessun and more.

Cookin’ Soul 1 (New York Times, 2009) – Download . The mix includes acts like Kukoo Da Baga Bonez, Rezidue, Pitch Black, CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, I.G. Off & Hazadous, Mama Mystique, Royal Flush, Lin Que, Pete Rock, Group Home, Brainsick Mob, Gangstarr, Chubb Rock, Smif N Wessun, Boot Camp Clikk and many more…

Statements & comments for Cookin’ Soul Vol 1 (2009):
“Ganz THE REAL DEAL STYLE!” by Dj Mirko Machine | “Real music in a great session!” by Lewis Parker | “.. So much unknown tunes! i was suprised” by Guru | “It’s banging!” by Laurent Fintoni (Serie B, Radio Rhythm Incursions London) | “Some lovely hip hop on here. Just what I needed today. Very dope. Thank you!” by Buddy Peace (Warp, Bully rec mix)

Special thanks for the support to Generation Tapedeck , Rhythm Incursions , & Laid Back Radio !

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