19. February 2010Comments (8)

The two Berlin-based labels combine forces to create a supreme independent Hip Hop release. A mere dozen of artists, utilizing two different languages, to simply provide you one thing: Good music. While Spoken View holds a good share of top notch German Rap artists, Project: Mooncircle delivers the wide diversity of its intercontinental network of musicians. The likes of Netherland’s newcomer Joe Kickass , British dynamic duo Obba Supa, German avant-garde lyricists Sichtbeton , UK-Rap legend Lewis Parker , rhyme-roughnecks Morlockk Dilemma and Hiob , go-to-guy Damion Davis, John Robinson from former Fondl’em fame – all unite in the strong believe in the culture of Hip Hop. Following the labels’ ideals, you’ll get a cinematic artwork on top of that, collectively composed by Gordon , V.Raeter and The Binh .


Release date: 1st of april.

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OUT NOW: PMC056 - Robot Koch "Death Star Droid Remix" EP 12 Inch

17. February 2010Comments (8)

Shortly after the release of his hugely successful album “Death Star Droid” , Robot Koch returns with this Remix EP, that also includes 2 brand new tunes by the sleepless robot.

On this EP, Robot gathered some friends and like minded artists from around the globe to flip his original compositions.
The EP kicks off with a brand new original tune from Robot Koch: “Blind” featuring Grace on vocals, who also appeard as a guest vocalist on on Death Star Droid. Robot and Grace are working on some new stunning material at the moment that will come out sometime in fall 2010. When Robot played in NY last time, he met Brooklyn based band Body Language, who release on Machine Drum`s Normrex label, and shared a stage with them at Coco66 in brooklyn. For this EP Robot remixed their tune “New day” and they made a surprising flip of Koch`s dubstep infused album tune “Gorom Sen” in return. Robot`s berlin mate fLako, who recently grabbed the attention of the likes of Giles Peterson and Stones Throw, make a nice re-edit of the title track of Robot`s album: “Death Star Droid”. Phon.o (of CLP/Shitkatapult fame) took the club banger potential of the tune “Gorom Sen” to the next level and made it sound like zomby and boy 8 bit jamming it out. Upcoming beatmaker Shlohmo from San Francisco also remixed “Gorom Sen”, making some noise on the blogoshpere about it prior to the release already. Loops Haunt from Scotland, who could be found recently in Rustie`s Fact magazine mixtape and Hudson Mohawke`s BBC Essential Mix, made a ten remix of “Gorom Sen”. Producer Beat Laden from Portugal, that recently caught attention with his KUBO remix on man recordings gave that original sengalese vocal scatting a rerub and turned it into a solid club banger. Talen, from Switzerland made their very own unique interpretation of Robot Koch`s frenetic original. And last but for sure not least, UK Producer Blue Daisy made a sublime remix of the song “While” feat. Manya one of the few vocal tracks on Robot Koch`s Album. His mix does the cinematic original justice and takes it even further out of space or underwater. A pure sound trip.

Remix versions by Blue Daisy, Shlohmo, Body Language, fLako, Beat Laden, Loops Haunt, Talen & Phon.o . Artwork by 44 Flavours!
Release date: February 26, 2010!

Robot Koch “Gorom Sen (Phon.o Remix)”Free download

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16. February 2010Comments (7)

The Puzzle continues…
with The Unseen Trap from episode two of The Puzzle The Glass Ceiling ! This piece of the puzzle is exploring the hidden boundaries we find in the system we live in. The unnecessary boxes and stereotypes the entrainment industry creates and imposes on the artists and fans, is slowly but surely killing the art form of hip hop. Project: Mooncircle & Dusty Vinyl brings you The Unseen Trap 10 inch.
This is Lewis Parker ‘The Man With The Golden Sound’ at his finest with three KILLER cuts featuring John Robinson on the super slick fully orchestrated wah funk gem of the title track ’The Unseen Trap’ . We then find a solo LP explosion shaft styled killer funk BANGER entitled ‘International Hitman’ . This leads us to the finale of the record the mind blowin ‘Super Scientific Weapons’ featuring Eastkoast & Tah Born. Where we go on a journey of futuristic sounds, throat flutes and more wah funk madness. The lyrics are dealing with super conspiracy theories not to be missed!

Release date: February 26, 2010.
Artwork by Bioniq, The Binh & Gordon.

PMC055 snippet

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OUT NOW: PMC054 - Mr Cooper & Dday One "Tribute To The Q4" Limited 7 Inch

05. February 2010Comments (10)

Very limited accompaniment 7 Inch for the Q4’s forthcoming Project Mooncircle released album “Sound Surroundings” with remix versions by Mr Cooper & Dday One. The cover is presented like a letter with handnumbered stencil artwork by Binh & Gordon. We say good bye because it’s the last production of Paul as Mr Cooper.
Pre order at HHV.DE

Release date: 5th of february.

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