22. January 2010Comments (12)

Out of the Netherlands now comes forth a new generation of Dutch Masters: The Q4 – The QuadraphoniQuartet (Arts The Beatdoctor, Sense & STW).
Three individual names, with individual styles, combine forces and together reach a new plateau in sample composition.

Hundreds of obscure records where chopped to their bare essentials to collectively create this multi-dimensional sound trip: Sound Surroundings offers a new look on a retro sound system: Quadraphonic music. Although this time around, it’s not 4 speakers, but 3 musicians and 1 listener creating the square of sound.

Features: Curra Suarez, Pax, Terryman, Unorthadox & BLS. Artwork & original paintings by Gordon & letterings by the Binh.
PMC052+053 sound preview

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The Q4, Joe Kickass, Lewis Parker, John Robinson, Robot Koch at Radio LDBK and Rhythm Incursions

20. January 2010Comments (5)

The Jus Like Music show selected and hosted by Gav is broadcasted every day on LDBK radio. The show includes songs of Four Tet, Bullion, Lewis Parker, The Q4, Joe Kickass, Gonjasufi and more..

Laid Back Radio / LISTEN to the show!

Rhythm Incursions return to the regular broadcasts with the first show of the year. The whole show is a look forward to the new year and most of the artists are worthy of being ones to watch for 2010. Alongside this Laurent got new music from the likes of Mr Chop & CL Smooth, Ernest Gonzales, Aquadrop, Jose James, Hyperdub, Lone, Robot Koch, The Q4, Greymatter and more.

Radio Rhythm Incursions / LISTEN to the show!

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OUT NOW: PMC057 - Joe Kickass "Let Me Introduce" Digital, DWLD

17. January 2010Comments (8)

Let me introduce Joe Kickass, a young and eager cat with many talents and a great passion for everything oldskool. Frustrated by most of today’s hiphop, Joe drops the accessories and takes it back to basics. With him contributing ill illustrations to the artwork and composing on five of the six tracks, it’s fair to say this EP proves that he’s more then just your average MC.
With a full length album droppin’ later this year, Project: Mooncircle brings you this debut release to let the world get aquainted with their newest adition. The beats are raw, gritty and drenched with soul and jazz influences. Joe tops them off with his raw voice, high impact lyrics and on point delivery.


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Unfold Show (Tru Thoughts) w/ Robot Koch & Lewis Parker

15. January 2010Comments (5)

Unfold show with Robert Luis (Tru Thoughts) Sunday 31st January 10pm-12am Juice 107.2 fm with Robot Koch. Download
Unfold show with Robert Luis (Tru Thoughts) Sunday 17th January 10pm-12am Juice 107.2 fm with Lewis Parker. Download

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Lewis Parker (PMC) and Suff Daddy (MPM) @ Radio Fritz!

14. January 2010Comments (5)

Lewis Parker (Project: Mooncircle), V. Raeter, Binh, Gordon and Suff Daddy (Melting Pot Music) @ Radio Fritz! 08:00 PM – 20th of January with Pyranja.

Project: MooncircleMelting Pot MusicGeneration Tapedeck BlogRadio Fritz

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Project: Mooncircle Special @ BYTE.FM

13. January 2010Comments (6)

Project: MoonCircle

.. with unreleased and new tracks by Lewis Parker, JUlllO, Kan Sano, 40 Winks, Joe Kickass, The Q4, Sichtbeton, Asusu, Robot Koch, Shlohmo, Grace and more…

10:00 PM – January 19, 2010 / Hidden Tracks at Byte.FM.

Hidden Tracks at BYTE.FM
Project: Mooncircle

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"Man On The Moon" mix for the Generation Tapedeck Blog

01. January 2010Comments (13)

“Man On The Moon” mixed by Gordon Of Project: Mooncircle / HHV.DE for Generation Tapedeck.

A dream of thousands of years used to become true. Dreamed of savants in ancient times, middle age and in modern times. Thoughts of researchers from many countrys, prophesied by visionaries, from pioneers and science fiction writers. For the first time, humans should enter the moon. Gordon of Project: Mooncircle / HHV.DE is on mission for Generation Tapedeck and he highlights it with imaginations and music. The year 2009 ends with a new start to the moon.

The mix includes acts like Boogiemonsters, Inner Science, Kaliyuga Pro, 40 Winks, Lewis Parker, Chaka Kahn, Quakes, Lusine, Mayday, CYNE, Kyza, Take, Jehst, Fabe, David Budjah and more…

Artwork by V. Raeter!


Generation Tapedeck Blog
Project: Mooncircle

Released by: Generation Tapedeck Blog

We wish you a happy new year.

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