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Since beginning in 2002 in a small cellar in Bad Muskau, close to the Polish border, until the present, based in Berlin. We now sell Project: Mooncircle vinyl and cds in stores across the world: Berlin, London, Tokyo, New York, LA, San Francisco, Melbourne. We bring music with a message and with quality and content to our fans. The music industry and the media form the taste of too many listeners of the 21st century. This should not be the way; No ear should be feed with monotonous, stupid music. We are proud of our 50 releases of uncompromised, honest music. Selfish, lazy and avaricious dreamers have been ignored successfully and we are looking forward to the next 50 releases, to growing the label, to growing our artists and to starting our sub label Project Squared.

We are proud to present to you a mix of the best from 50 PMC catalogue numbers. 30 songs by nearly 30 artists together in an amazing 50 minute set. We invite you into a journey trough the past 7 years of Project: Mooncircle’s Hip Hop and Electronica based sound. Sit back and enjoy.

The mix included acts such as John Robinson, Mr Cooper, Lambent, Robot Koch, Lewis Parker, Evil Ed, Obba Supa, Jahbitat, CYNE, Scienz of Life, 40 Winks, Dday One, Nongenetic of Shadowhuntaz, Strand, Glen Porter, Mathematik, Aether, Inner Science, Epstein, Manuvers, Kan Sano and more.

Much love to all our listeners, distributors, supporters and artists for every second of your art and attention.
Thanks to Gordon Gieseking, Paul Cooper, Thomas Ulrich, John Robinson, Xndl, Thimo Hörster, Tomohiro Yang, Susann S., Sarah R., S. Marie A., Andy K. & La Mano Fria for their contributions over the last 7 years. This mix is for you.

Mixed by Skratch, V. Raeter, The Binh & Gordon.
Artwork by V. Raeter, Sarah & Gordon. Photo by The Binh.
The mix was already played at Radio Rhythm Incursions (UK) and BBC 1 London, Radio Rewers (Poland), Laid Back Radio (Belgium), Radio Fritz (Germany) & more..!

Feel free to spread it around & leave a comment!

Project: MoonCircle

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PMC040: Scienz of Life "Leviathan" Review at

23. October 2009Comments (10) reviews

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21. October 2009Comments (6)

Exclusive NYC Pop-Up Shop Launch
Friday, October 30, 7–10 PM
World-renowned boutique, film-camera maker Superheadz/Powershovel. Come sample the grooves and the swank camera style of Tokyo’s old-school photo-music manufacturer.


Location: The powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn, NYC
Date: Friday, 30th october 2009 07:00 pm

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Robot Koch Record Release Party @ WMF with Grace, Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC 1) & Jahcoozi

18. October 2009Comments (8)

The Dugout Show on Brighton’s Juice 107.2FM w/ Obba Supa, John Robinson & Evil Ed!

08. October 2009Comments (7)

Check out the Dugout Show! Every Saturday 12-2am at Brighton’s Juice 107.2FM with Tom Simpson.
Download: 17th October 2009

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Project: Mooncircle at Cargo UK

06. October 2009Comments (2)

Project: Mooncircle at Fat City in Manchester

05. October 2009Comments (5)

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Lambent "Smoothness Extract" Japan Tour 2009

02. October 2009Comments (13)

Tour dates with Himuro (TaNGRaM), 3000 NDL,Atsuhiko Sudo(DPB) – (Contents may varies in each venues)

10.23 Friday. Kanazawa CLUB MANIER
10.24 Saturday, Oosaka(TBA)
10.28 Wednesday, Tokyo SOLFA
10.31 Saturday Fukuoka BASE
11.01 Sunday Tokyo SOUP
11.06 Friday Gunma BLOCK
11.07 Saturday Kyoto WHOOPEES

More infos at Art Union Group / U Pop – Japan

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Rhythm Incursions: September 09 from London w/ Robot Koch & Lambent

01. October 2009Comments (10)

Rhythm Incursions roll firmly into autumn with an extended show, clocking at just under 2 hours. Fear not though as it’s a case of all the good bits and none of the fat, combined with a majority of tracks being longer than usual and my opting to let them play out.

New music comes from the likes of Breakestra, Kid Koala, Shafiq Husayn, Om Unit, Subeena, Kryptic Minds, Shawn Lee, Dorian Concept, Dextah and more. We’ve got previews of forthcoming albums from Foreign Beggars, Aardvarck, Themselves, Lambent & Robot Koch.
Thanks a lot to Laurent!!
Stay tuned for more guest mixes and some surprises throughout October. Up next it’s back to L.A with DDay One.

Download the show! (right click and save as).
Rhythm Incursions

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