18. September 2009Comments (21)

Radio Rewers and PMC present you the Scienz of Life remix contest. Starting at Monday @ (the biggest site about Hip Hop in Poland), 21st of September, polish producer will mix around the album Leviathan! Thanks to Martin!

Radio Rewers

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Out now: PMC046 - Lambent "Smoothness extract (deep night at Ishigaki)" LP/CD

14. September 2009Comments (8)

Smoothness Extract (Deep Night At Ishigaki) is Lambent’s third full-length album, and his first on the Project Mooncircle label. Whilst his earlier work was rooted in Ambient and Electronic music, this record presents his sound in the context of Instrumental Hip Hop, with strong elements of Electronic music still present. You could group this record with the recent wave of Dilla inspired Hip Hop, but equally you could group it with Autechre when they’re at 90 BPM.
The record came about after Project Mooncircle heard some of Lambent’s tracks and feel in love with the calmer and smoother pieces of his often intense sound. Hence, Lambent compiled these seventeen extracts from the smoother side of his repertoire.
This album is made as his dedication towards a small Japanese island, The Isle of Ishigaki. Lambent is originally from Japan (although he has lived in Berlin for many years), but he has never visited this place… The album is the sound track to a summer time night trip around the Island, visiting the many different aspects of the scenery, nature, feelings, emotions, sights and sounds as Lambent imagines them

PMC046 – Lambent – Smoothness extract (deep night at Ishigaki) CD Snippet

Release date: 2nd of October.

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Postcard from Japan

11. September 2009Comments (10)

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Mr Cooper's techno and dubstep label "Project: Squared" is online

09. September 2009Comments (12)

Mr Cooper’s techno and dubstep label Project: Squared is getting ready for the first release (a 12” and download from Bath based artist Asusu). You can have a look at the official web site here.

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Rhythm Incursions Podcast from London: August 09

01. September 2009Comments (8)

With September knocking at the door, it’s fair to say summer is well and truly over and it’s time for another Rhythm Incursions Podcast. Music comes in from all corners of the globe and all styles including Poirier, JS-1, Tiago, Ras G, Antipop Consortium, Luke Vibert, Shafiq Husayn, Milanese, Hessle Audio, Machine Drum, Lambent, Mos Def and more. You also get some previews of the forthcoming Ras G release on Ramp, as well as the new Friends of Friends EP.

Download the show! (right click and save as).
Rhythm Incursions

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Groove Merchants Radioshow Sep09 w/ Lambent at Play.FM

01. September 2009Comments (9)

Groove Merchants is a mix show which focuses on record collecting and the art of diggin. Artist-interviews and beat specials are a regular part of the show. The musical emphasis lies on Hip Hop, Broken Beat and all things funky and jazzy. Majestic Mood is putting out versatile mixes which show his love for music and the culture behind it. Sa-Ra, Milez Benjiman, Jazzy Sport, and Poo Bah Records are just a few names that play an important role in the show. Enjoy 2 hours of beat oriented madness every last monday of the month.

28th of September – 08:00 PM with Flying Lotus, Flako, Lambent, Slum Village, Time Machine, People Under the Stairs, Steve Spacek, Heatwave, Waajeed, Patchworks, Dj Left & more..

Download the show
Groove Merchants Radio Show @ Play.FM

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