Out Now: PMC044+45: Glen Porter "Falling Down" 7 Inch / Digital

28. August 2009Comments (16)

As moody guitars swing and sway around dust encrusted drums and melancholy voices, story’s of the the lonely and broken hearted begin to form in your head. Falling Down by Glen Porter is a journey into the darker side of instrumental music. In the fasion that only he can, he sets the mood and provides the soundtrack for you to sit back, paint pictures and conjure up stories to the music flowing through your mind.
Paintings by Gordon of PMC. Limited edition 7 inch: 450 copies worldwide. Falling Down snippet
Release date: August, 28th
Order at HHV.DE – Europe, AccessUSA, Art Union – Japan, Wax Museum – Australia. Digital distribution by Groove Attack – Worldwide

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HipHop Kemp 2009 with John Robinson alias Lil Sci from Scienz of Life, Gordon & Dj V. Raeter!

24. August 2009Comments (5)

Australian collaboration with Wax Museum Records!

19. August 2009Comments (9)

Staring the slow extinction of traditional record stores down both barrels, Australia’s own Wax Museum Records makes a defiantly bold move by releasing their very first slab of vinyl; a 7” that links Melbourne-based producer Inkswel with New York underground legends Scienz Of Life.

Blunted headnodic beats are the order of the day, with Inkswel serving up two premium-grade joints of Dilla-esque hip-hop for your ears. Lil’ Sci & ID4Windz rhyme divine over heavy hand-clap percussion and exotic samples on Applause, then Lil’ Sci takes the helm solo as John Robinson on the flip over slap-chopped abstract jazz flutes on Shut Em Down. Fresh graphics from the Project Mooncircle crew make this a highly-collectable limited-edition release with only 500 being pressed.

So while everyone else is jumping o the MP3 bandwagon, Melbourne’s vinyl preservationists are preparing to hit you with a slew of hot new releases strictly on wax only. Even if you are rocking Serato these days, you’re still gonna need this killer new 7” for your crate.

Wax Museum Record Store
Scienz Of Life / John Robinson – Applause (Clap Your Hands ) / Shut Em Down 7 Inch at HHV.DE

JUST 150 (europe-wide) exclusive copies direct from the Australien partner Wax Museum Record Store for the HHV.DE mailorder at 25th of september. After a mistake with pressing, the first orders on each page get also an instrumental version for free! And it’s limited to 50 copies!

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Jahbitat guest mix on BBC Radio 1 at Mary Anne Hobbs Radio Show

18. August 2009Comments (6)

Simon Williams alias Jahbitat puted a little mix together for Mary Anne Hobbs show on BBC Radio 1 and it transmitted live last week (august 12).
Infinite thanks to Mary Anne for all her support!
Download the show here
BBC 1 – Mary Anne Hobbs
Jahbitat – Harpy lights the canopy LP at HHV.DE

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PMC Special with John Robinson / Scienz of Life at Radio FM4 "Tribe Vibes" in Vienna!

13. August 2009Comments (8)

Watch out for the Project: Mooncircle special & interview at Radio FM4 (ORB) in Vienna, Austria! Every Thursday Trishes presents the HipHop, Soul & Funk Show Tribe Vibes. John Robinson (Lil’ Sci from Scienz of Life), Gordon & Dj V. Raeter (Spoken View) are the special guests at 20th of August, 10:00 pm!
FM4 Tribe VibesLive Stream

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Obba Supa v.s Floating Points

01. August 2009Comments (9)

This is an 100% unofficial bootleg of Floating Points “Maida Vale” sessions on Giles Petersons radio one worldwide show, the Obba Supa was so mesmerized with the session that they had to do something with it and on that night they did and this is the result. Heyzeus created his on style with drumlines & arrangments on the sessions..
Floating Points played keys on Chanelist part one and Chanelist part 2 (snapshot) featuring Ray Vendetta which is on Obba Supa debut To:am / Free:am on Project: Mooncircle. Check Floating Points releases on Planet Mu and Eglo records. On 07/09/09 he will be releasing The Vacuum ep on Eglo records, go get that!

FREE Download: Obba Supa v.s Floating Points

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