30. July 2009Comments (13)

The diabolical rhyme dynamics of Teknical Developments lyrics paired with beats cloaked in a blue cheese fog of THTC from Hey!zeus dwell and celebrate in the time of A.M. A time which reveals the full existence of the human cypher in its entirety, from the crooked corrupt cloaked by its shadows to the optimism of dreams and a new days break.
TO.AM is a dedication to the time.
FREE.AM is an experiment in the freedoms of the infant hours.
Two separate organism from the same body of concept naturally evolved from late night studio sessions all past the hour of midnight.

Release Date: 31st of july.
Video by Gordon & press photos by The Binh!

TO:AM/FREE:AM pre order

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John Robinson & Scienz of Life at Splash Festival 2009!

28. July 2009Comments (6)

Postcard from China

28. July 2009Comments (7)

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Music for Eclipse Watching by Dday One

27. July 2009Comments (5)

Greetings and welcome to another installment of Rhythm Incursions. This session is a bit different from the accustomed live mixes which included mostly new and classic material. This time the music selected was inspired by a specific topic. Since I am in full studio/beatmaking mode I foresee the next few podcasts to be in this nature, as going through stacks of vinyl is once again a daily routine.

Music for Eclipse Watching – Compiled by Dday One

60 min mix of cosmic sounds, acetate artifacts and sequencer pulsed rhythms to help in the wonderful splendor that is eclipse watching.

Rhythm Incursions
Dates of future eclipse + Other Info
Download the mix here

Watch out for the new Dday One album “Gathered between” LP/CD/DIGITAL on Project: Mooncircle in the end of October!

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John Robinson / Scienz of Life @ Mixery Raw Deluxe

20. July 2009Comments (4)

Boombox Distribution Network UK

17. July 2009Comments (7)

Boombox is the UK’s only specialist distributor covering the worldwide funk, soul and hip hop scenes. They sell to shops in the UK as well as stores and distributors in many territories overseas. In the UK they supply chain stores, independent stores, website stores and digital download sites. Anywhere that sells the good stuff! Thanks for your work & support for Project: Mooncircle!

Boombox Distribution Network / London

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Midnight Mathematics Design Contest

12. July 2009Comments (8)

To all graphic designers, painters, writers etc.!
Soon, Evil Ed (YNR / Ex Janomi records) & Project: Mooncircle want to release a new 7 inch from Obba Supa and you can become a part of it! Create your own imagination of a lettering or a logo design from Midnight Mathematics and the artist name Obba Supa. You can win three of five strictly limited handmade test presses from the “To:am/Free:am” release AND your design will stick on the next vinyl and will be build in from our artwork designers. Watch out for the track on MySpace.
The deadline is the 28th of august and the 3 best of you get the chance to co-design our next compilation!

You can contact for any questions. thanks & bring your creativity to the limit!

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10. July 2009Comments (4)

8th of july at Hip Hop Soundgarden RBB DOWNLOAD

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Mooncircle paintings together with Tres records in science fiction inebriation.

06. July 2009Comments (6)

After the 12 Inch Break Thru, our designer Gordon is working on the second part of his artwork line for Paten Locke’s Tres releases now. You can find the Indie label in Los Angeles or Tokyo. They already released acts like Johnson & Johnson, Big Tone, Lil’ Sci, Thes One, Y Society etc. Unfortunately, they are one of the rare American labels, which produce vinyls continuous. We like to join into such concepts. You can have a look at the Tres blog page or directly at the official site.

Break Thru 12 Inch at UHH.COM
Break Thru 12 Inch at Access HipHop

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Dday One "Cast no stones" live | Warszawa records (Tokyo, Japan)

02. July 2009Comments (4)

“Cast no stones” by Dday One | Project: Mooncircle – Silent in truth compilation at HHV.DE

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