Upcoming Release: PMC023 - Lackluster presents "From The Shelves Of" EP

01. February 2008Comments (4)

Lackluster’s personal words…
This is a range of tracks pulled from my archives. Beloved was made in June 2001, Our Love Remix in November 2002, Rely Remix was made in January 2003, Rendhauz in summer 2005, My Baby is a Robot remix is 2005 and Module For You is from December 2007. A range of software has been used, Beloved being Buzztracker, Our Love and Rely being Logic, Rendhauz & My Baby is a Robot being Ableton Live and Module For You being Schism Tracker & Logic (functioning as a multitracker). It is really nice to see these tunes coming out, as they would have never been released otherwise. There is also another, longer story as to the title “From The Shelves Of EP” and “Beloved” — in 2001 Rikos Records were supposed to release a 4 track ep — which then became a 2 track ep, with “Beloved” being an A-side and “Goodbye Regina/Dolorous” (unreleased) being the B-side. it went from 12” to 7” to becoming cancelled to being revived to being cancelled again, almost coming out 2002 but then cancelled again, due to me not being sure about the music. Now that time has passed (by the time most of you become aware of these tunes, Beloved is a 7 years old track), I’m really glad to see them finally coming out – as they are segments of my travels that would constitute a missing piece, if left unreleased.

Mastered by Strand & Artwork by Gordon & Die Dia of Project: MoonCircle / Beta Bodega Coalition Europe

PMC023 – Lackluster – From The Shelves Of EP Snippet

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