Project: MoonCircle Special on Radio Jaw Modulation - 26th Of December

19. December 2007Comments (4)

The Special included Live Sets from Jahbitat, Seven Star & Mr Cooper + Interviews around the Globe from Acts like CYNE, Manuvers, Strand, Xndl & many more. 4 Hours Project: Mooncircle “The Heart On The Right Spot” World Tour 2008!
(12/26/2007 – 08.00 PM – 12.00 PM at 99.1)

Moderation By Gordon Of PMC, BDJ, Arepaz & Beta Bodega Coalition Europe


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Out Now: PMC021+022 - Strand & NonGenetic "Madrid 2 Los Angeles" LP/CD

02. December 2007Comments (4)

Nongenetic, a member of Shadow Huntaz and Strand (aka Miguel Gil Tertre) have teamed up for making a new breed of hiphop, pure emotional but with microscopical-scientific beats, electronic yet organic. They have met only once (November 2006 in LA) but the ideas, the beats and the flow were immediate. Back to Madrid, Strand played, recorded and processed in the computer a lot of music (guitars, drums, pianos). Non chose the best and rap over it with lyrics talking about life and the city of Los Angeles. Now you have with you something different: rap as a song, electronic experimentation as a beat…From the computer generated sound of “The Chase” to the piano driven sound of “We Walk”. Project MoonCircle gives you this record with instrumentals and remixes by Lackluster, Impulze and Hudson Mohawke (only Japanese version). Collaborators include Takeshi Nishimote, Tres, Hyperpotamus, Breaff and Debilorithmicos. Artwork By Gordon from Beta Bodega Coalition.

Check the Mini Feature on RADIO RHYTHM INCURSIONS on London’s Resonance 104.4 FM

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Out Now: The Heart On The Right Spot LP/CD

01. December 2007Comments (4)

The New Times of Project: Mooncircle…
“The Heart On The Right Spot” presents the mind through music coming from the heart. Meaning the truest and purest form of artistic expression without sacrificing the artform. This compilation has brought together many different artist from across the globe that are here to get heard and together make a statement through their music. Tracks like “Kill The Music” from CYNE, “Mind Pollution” from Seven Star and “Dilligence” from Mathematik are more like statements representing the Hip Hop Culture in 2007. Artist Epstein does a remix of Jahbitat’s “Shutterspeed” for PMC. Mr Cooper steps up his own game and through “The Heart On The Right Spot” presents the newest song “Work Progressions” from his upcoming second album. 40 Winks, from the now defunct label M3rck Records (RIP), is also added to our roster delivering that sound classic to M3rck records with his track “Half Wonder”. Simon of Jahbitat brings new organic sounds out from the Canopy between the Jungle of Barcelona Nights with “Bloodclouds & Eagles”. Manuvers was in his country of origin, Chile, and he recorded with Hordatoj and Senciyo for a track called “No Es Tarde” which also features Dave Ghetto. This version of “No Es Tarde” is an exclusive version to the PMC Compilation not to be found elsewhere. “The Heart On The Right Spot” is a project of friends and artist a like, too. Acts like Lackluster (M3rck), Strand (CCO) or Set In Sand, Omniscient and many more… Rumpistol (from Rump Rec.) does a remix from Prefuse 73 & V8. Pablie & Dday One are the Next Chapter as Solo Releases. All Tracks are exclusive and just available on this Release!

Artwork By Ima One (PMC Japan), La Mano Fria & Gordon of Beta Bodega Coalition.

Check the Mini Feature on RADIO RHYTHM INCURSIONS on London’s Resonance 104.4 FM

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