Robot Koch - Berlin / Kater Holzig

04. February 2012

FINEST EGO | Radio with Dorian Concept on BLN.FM

09. February 2012

60 minutes with exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hosted by Jinna Morocha, Karolina Kaczor, Malte Tarnow, and Gordon Gieseking on Radio BLN.FM (February, 3rd – 7pm / 8th – 7pm / 9th – 11pm) every first Friday, Wednesday and Thursday per month.

The show includes acts like Jack Dixon & Rick Grant, Delorean, Sunny Graves, Sei A, 1000Names, Celista, Dorian Concept, Sun Glitters, Ill-Luzion, Arts The Beatdoctor, Lapalux, Σ-Fly, Empt and many more…

Dorian Concept, a Vienna-based electronic jazz/funk/hip-hop producer, is currently one of the most exciting artists working on the electronic music scene. This ridiculously talented musician has released a number of unique singles and EPs on Affine Records and Kindred Spirits, and his “Trilingual Dance Sexperience“ is the most outstanding synth-wrapping single in 2009. His fusion of jazz, electronics and club music gained recognition from such artists as Flying Lotus and his oryginal track has been submitted to the Ninja Tune XX releases. Currently Dorian is a new recruit of Ninja Tune and his latest EP “Her Tears Taste Like Pearls“ is a compelling masterpiece for even the most demending listeners.

Finest Ego | Radio with Dorian Concept on BLN.FM

01. Intro “Finest Ego” (Produced by Robot Koch)
02. Jack Dixon & Rick Grant – Muted
03. Delorean – Grow (Sunny Graves Revision) – Unreleased
04. Skit: Dorian Concept
05. Dorian Concept – Thank You All The Time Forever
strong>Dorian Concept Interview
06. Dorian Concept – Her Tears Taste Like Pears
07. Dorian concept – My Face Needs Food
strong>Dorian Concept Interview End
08. Skit: Teebs
09. Sei A – Frozen Flower
10. 1000Names – Take Ur Time – Unreleased
11. Celista – Warm Autumn
12. Sun Glitters – Insane – Unreleased
13. Ill-Luzion – Mornin (Progress) – Unreleased
14. Liston – Shards
15. Arts The Beatdoctor – Ghost In The Machine – Unreleased
16. Lapalux – Gutter Glitter
17. Σ-Fly – Danced with Wolves
18. Empt – Cuticle Thorns

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Robot Koch - Stuttgart / Kim Tim Jim

11. February 2012

fLako @ East Village (London / UK)

18. February 2012