Graciela Maria

Mexican Singer/Songwriter Graciela Maria has been singing since she was a little kid.
Born and raised in Mexico City, she was an active participant in the Mexican electronic music scene.

In 2009 she met the Berlin based producer Robot Koch in New York.
They started making music together and Grace was featured on Robot Koch`s album “Death Star Droid” as well as on the EP “Listen To Them Fade”.

2009 marked the beginning of a journey both musically and geographically for Graciela, as she moved from Mexico City to Berlin and started playing shows worldwide with Robot Koch.
They played everywhere from the Sonar Festival in Barcelona to some obscure art festivals in Bulgaria and Italy.

With “Many Places”, her stunning debut album released in 2011, Graciela Maria stepped into the light as a composer and solo artist instead of just a featured vocalist on Robot Koch`s electronica and dubstep driven compositions. Her own music breathes the vibe of classic singer/songwriters like Tim Buckley and Elliot Smith, with the music and the production being more live sounding than on the previous feature tracks.
The songwriting took place all over the world, as Grace traveled and lived in many places recently, accompanied by her little notebook and her digital camera, which she uses to record song ideas on all the time.
The topics she deals with are both surreal and personal and leave it up to the listener to be interpreted. Producer Robot Koch teamed up with a friend and fellow musician Sneaky (Fingathing / Ninja Tune) to create this organic and retro futuristic sounding debut album, that includes double bass, live drums, cello and other string instruments and well as a subtle touch of cutting edge electronic production which Robot Koch is known for.

Featured Releases

by Graciela Maria
PMC113 LP, 12 Inch, Digital
by V/A
PMC100 Box 4LP, White 12 Inch, Digital
by Robot Koch
PMC085 CD, Album, Digital, DWNLD
by Robot Koch
PMC084 2LP, 12 Inch, Gatefold Cover
by Long Arm
PMC081 LP, 12 Inch, Digital
PMC078 CD, Album, Digital, DWNLD
by Graciela Maria
PMC072 LP, 12 Inch, CD, Digital
by V/A
PMC069 2LP, 12 Inch, Digital
by Robot Koch
PMC068 Album, CD, Digital
by Robot Koch
PMC067 2LP, 12 Inch
by Robot Koch
PMC060 EP, 12 Inch + Cassette, Digital
by Robot Koch
PMC056 EP, 12 Inch, Digital
by Robot Koch
PMC049 Album, CD, Digital
by Robot Koch
PMC048 LP, 12 Inch



Name: Graciela Maria
City: Mexico City / Berlin
Country: Mexico / Germany