Project: Mooncircle - Interkosmos Program Mix #001

20. April 2014Comments (0)

To give you a little update of our recent and upcoming releases in 2014 we have prepared a wee mix, which is available for free!

The mix includes kidkanevil, Rain Dog, IIIII Five Eyes, Deft, Barrio Lindo, Glenn Astro, Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts), Soosh (UpMyAlley), Flako, submerse, Walrus Ghost, My Panda Shall Fly, Mau’lin & KRTS.


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11. April 2014Comments (0)

A bright and colourful scenery: Shrill blinding sights, piercing foreign sounds, a fusion of disparate scents blended into a cocktail of curiosity. Fleeting attempts embrace a thousand senses in one single second. Bustling around in the shadows of buildings as high as mountains, an almost eerily overwhelming sense of contentment is omnipresent – but something doesn’t appear to be right…
Stranded on a lonely island in the midst of a chaotic metropolis, disconnected – a feeling of drowning in an ocean of overstimulus and importunities of disproportionately inflated personalities, without ever even being registered or taken notice of.
What’s left is nothing more than the ghost of a young soul, wandering about and curiously studying the surrounding, forever looking for answers that would otherwise seem trivial.

After “Kidsuke” the critically acclaimed collaboration project with Daisuke Tanabe, “Tokyorkshire” based producer kidkanevil continues his fascination with Japan and readies his latest solo album My Little Ghost. Inspired by a summer spent in Tokyo collaborating, exploring and generally refusing to grow up, the double vinyl is due May 2nd on Project: Mooncircle and features a wide range of guests including PMC’s own submerse and Tokyo vocalist Cuushe.

‘My Little Ghost’ comes out worldwide on limited gatefold, double, pink vinyl (including download code) & limited handmade and handpainted pink cassette edition (including download code) as well as a limited edition CD including a bonus track via flau records in Japan.

You can order the vinyl version at – EU | Rush Hour – EU | Kudos Records – UK | RedEye Records – UK | Crosstalk Int. – US

Digital download at Bandcamp | Itunes | Boomkat

Excerpts of press or air play outcomes:
Resident Advisor April 9th, 2014 news / exclusive stream with the song InakunaruLISTEN. Resident Advisor (JP) April 3rd, 2014 album feature READ. Deftune April 1st, 2014 album feature LISTEN. Public Rhythm April 1st, 2014 album feature LISTEN. Indie Shuffle April 10th, 2014 feature with the song InakunaruLISTEN. Clubbing Spain April 10th, 2014 album feature READ.

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04. April 2014Comments (0)

In the native tongue of the South American tribe Mapuche, there exists the word ‘MENOKO’. Deep within the Andean Forests there are sacred places, springs of purity known as Menokos. Hidden and untouched by man or animal, they are whispered, home of virgin water. Womb of the natural cycle from which plants and herbs of extraordinary medicinal abilities are nurtured.

Barrio Lindo feels a strong bond to the native tribes of his Argentinian home. Ancestral cultures are of great importance, providing a wealth of inspiration. An instrument maker by trade, using his bare hands he constructs many ethnical instruments like Andean flutes, African harps, string instruments from India and so on. This fascination with indigenous sounds is reflected within his music and themes with the use of samples and tribal instrumentation. While understanding his work is far from that of the native cultures, he finds ways to incorporate these influences through fusions of sounds. Drawing a parallel, worlds both old and new align.

‘Menoko’ comes on limited purple double vinyl (including download code) as well as a limited handmade and handpainted purple cassette edition (including download code).

You can order the vinyl version at – EU | Rush Hour – EU | Kudos Records – UK | RedEye – UK | Crosstalk Intl. – US | UGHH.COM – US | Jet Set Records – JP | Boomkat – EU | HMV – JP | JETSET – JP and more.

Digital download at Bandcamp | Itunes | Juno | Beatport | Amazon | Boomkat | BLEEP.COM | CLONE Digital | Wasabeat | Digital Tunes and more.

‘Overall, Lindo brings an ethnic beauty that blends the trends of our ancestral past with the styles of the electronic today.
(Artham Pierre Earmilk, US)
‘The result is an album of delicate electronic songs that avoid the dreaded folktronica pitfalls and instead blend the organic and digital in perfect proportions..’ (FACT, UK)
‘The king of good surprise I’m waiting for !!! This release is a gem. Lot of feelings in all those tracks. Thanks for this promo. Will play it in my monthly
selection. Love it.”’
(GrandA Eklektik Records, FR)
‘Nice latin vibe!! Droppin this on my jazz sets gracias’ (Mwëslee ES)
‘Project Mooncircle is winning 2014. This release taps into my love for Cumbia and latin sounds. A love that has gone mostly unrequited the last few
years as the latin sound has been absorbed by the US Bro Continuum. So thank you for this. I will cherish it.’
(Nick Concklin Sub FM, US)
‘Fascintating rhythms and melodies – a distinctive release that many broadcasters will enjoy at this radio station.’ (Simon Winkler Triple R, AUS)
‘Luvvin this’ (Coco Bryce Fremdtunes, NL)

Excerpts of press or air play outcomes:
FACT Magazine March 15th, 2014 exclusive stream with the song Garza brujaLISTEN. XLR8R March 24th, 2014 exclusive dwnld with the song Yaguareté abáLISTEN. Thump / VICE Mexico March 15th, 2014 feature with the song Garza brujaREAD. MTV | Iggy March 20th, 2014 feature with the song Garza brujaREAD. Soundspace March 17th, 2014 album feature READ. Club Fonograma March 19th, 2014 review READ. SeekSickSound (FR) April 1st, 2014 album stream LISTEN. Audio Texture April 1st, 2014 feature with the song BalserosLISTEN. EARMILK April 3rd, 2014 exclusive stream with the song El AireLISTEN. Bringing Down The Band April 3rd, 2014 album feature READ. Warmer Climes April 10th, 2014 album feature READ. FBI Radio (Sydney, Australia) April 10th, 2014 feature with the song La NocheLISTEN. RTR Radio (Perth, Australia) April 10th, 2014 feature with the song Yaguarete AbaLISTEN. THUMP/VICE April 17th, 2014 exclusive dwnld with the song Libres (Glenn Astro’s Rhythm Tool)LISTEN.

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02. April 2014Comments (2)

Due to tragic and unfortunate circumstances, Long Arm has lost all his work in progress and especially everything he was working on for his upcoming second full length, including studio recordings with various live instrumentalists. What’s even worse: there is no backup.

We’re all bitterly sad and heartbroken. However, we want to give away the only remaining MP3 from Long Arm’s lost album:

Long Arm – Sleepsafe (feat. I.V.A. & Ruslan Gadzhimuradov) / Photo by Ilina Vicktoria. ➲ FREE DWNLD

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25. March 2014Comments (0)

Dee Zhang from Chinese Radio UdanceCn came down to the Project: Mooncircle headquarters in Berlin to catch up with the gang and take a peek behind the curtains. For all Chinese listeners check out her experience here

New label mix for The Find Magazine (Netherlands) with exclusive tunes from kidkanevil, Phasma, CYNE, Barrio Lindo & more. LISTEN HERE

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